Belgian Linen

Soften the feel of any room with beautiful Belgian linen. We carry a range of Belgian linen curtains and drapes that showcase exceptional quality and impeccable craftsmanship. When combined with the professional elegance of Pottery Barn’s antique bronze drape rods and gorgeous range of glass finials, a windows setting is complete. Consider the cast-iron collection for a more rustic industrial alternative. Curtain rings of different sizes are available in both styles to color coordinate with the window hardware chosen.

Belgian linen drapes are made of the finest quality Belgian flax weaves. They are sold as individual panels in three standard lengths and have a three-in-one construction that offers versatile hanging options. Hooks are included with the drape panel. The sheer option provides both privacy and ambient lighting, perfect to create an airy, awake feeling in a living space. The hard-wearing material is dry-clean safe. Belgian linen drapes are the perfect accompaniment for modern styles, hardwood flooring and a natural complement to other decor. Belgian flax linen drapes are available in three colors, with sheer alternatives found in four. A tutorial video is available for demonstrating the correct way to install window hardware and hang drapes.