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Small Glass Vase

  • Recycled Glass Vase, Small

    Recycled Glass Vase, Small

    • Crafted of hand-blown recycled glass, these vases make simple yet graceful vessels for flowers and vase fillers. Small Vase: 8" diameter, 12.5" high Large Vase: 10.5" diameter, 20" high X-Large Vase: 11.5" diameter, 26.5" high Small Bottle: 5" diameter, 15" high Large Bottle: 4.25" diameter, 21.5" high Footed Bottle: 9.5" diameter, 7.25" high Made of hand-blown recycled glass. Made in Mexico.
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  • Elana Recycled Glass Bud Vase

    Elana Recycled Glass Bud Vase

    • Artisans use molten recycled glass to create the organically pleasing shape of our vases. Each is mouth blown, then scissor cut by hand to form the lip. The trio comes in staggered heights to create an eye-catching arrangement of dried or fresh botanicals. Small: 5" diameter, 4.25" high Medium: 4.75" diameter, 4" high Large: 3.75" diameter, 3.25" high Constructed of mouth-blown recycled glass.
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  • Utility Jar Collection, Small

    Utility Jar Collection, Small

    • Showcase seasonal elements or small collections in our clear jars for a creative, eye-catching display. Small: 7.25" diameter, 8" high Medium: 8" diameter, 12.25" high Large: 9.25" diameter, 16.5" high Made of molded glass.
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  • Recycled Glass Bell Jars, Small

    Recycled Glass Bell Jars, Small

    • Our bell-shaped vases are handmade by one of our skilled glassblowers, ensuring that each one is subtly different from all the others. Small: 3.5" diameter, 4" high Medium: 5.25" diameter, 6" high Large: 7.25" diameter, 9.25" high Made of hand-blown glass.
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  • Green Glass Bottles, Small

    Green Glass Bottles, Small

    • Flaunt flowers or branches in our thick-glass vessels, inspired by vintage wine bottles. Small: 9" diameter, 19" high Large: 9" diameter, 25" high Made of hand-blown glass.
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    reg. price $79$99 special $63$79