All Home Accessories

Put your personal stamp on your home with well-chosen home accessories. These pieces reflect your individual taste and style, bringing the overall look of each room together. Whatever style of decor you have, be it traditional or contemporary, you can be sure that all home accessories from us at Pottery Barn cater to different tastes.

You can’t get more personal than dotting photos of your friends and family around, so choose some frames to make them stand out. Go for a colorful block print design with a decal and silver foil finish. Stand this chic frame either vertically or horizontally on your mantel or shelves. Choose gallery frames made from wood and put different sizes together to create a display on your wall. Showcase a photo in a hanging wrought iron frame that it suspended from a ring, giving it antique charm. A multiple opening frame lets you display a collection of photos together. It’s not just photos that need to be framed. Highlight artwork in a floating wood gallery frame for a dramatic effect or use acrylic frames for a minimalist look.

Your photo memories are now beautifully displayed for all to see, but you need somewhere to showcase bigger items. Make a still-life display in a keepsake box that hangs on your wall or is propped up on a shelf. Keep a guest journal on an entryway table for personal notes to be added and treasured for years to come as the messages remind you of fun times with those closest to you. A velvet photo album preserves your photos while a rotating metal carousel is a unique way to display them. Opt for a tabletop or floor-standing design depending on how much room you have available.

Enjoy breakfast in bed on a breakfast lap tray. The raised edges keep everything on the tray instead of spilling off onto your bedding, and the legs collapse when you’ve finished. For a snack later on when you’re watching a movie, a lap tray or tray on a stand is convenient. Carry plates to the table or serve drinks when entertaining on a stylish galvanized tray. Handles on either side make it easy to carry while a patterned design looks striking. Trays aren’t just to be used for food and drinks. Group pillar candles together on an etched brass tray for decorative lighting or keep your keys together on a hammered silver tray by the front door. A quote tray is a fun idea that adds a bit of interest to a coffee table.

Never be late again thanks to the clocks in your home. A wall clock is best displayed in a prominent area, and you can choose a round or square design made from wood, metal or painted chalkboard to suit the decor in your room. A desktop clock in your home office ensures you don’t miss any deadlines, and a mother-of-pearl clock loves lovely on a vanity. Pocket watch and pendant designs look great on bookshelves or windowsills.

Have fun with family and friends with indoor and outdoor games. Set a pool table up in your game room and create a display on the wall with a wall-mounted cue stick storage rack. Crafted from wood with a mahogany or black finish, it looks distinctive and adds character to the room. Switch the game in an instant when you cover the pool table with a table tennis cover. The layer of foam underneath protects the pool table from damage. Get some fresh air and see who wins at ring toss in the yard or test your skills at keeping a wooden tower from toppling over on the patio table.

And don’t forget your four-legged friend. Coordinate the pet food canisters to match your kitchen countertops and the bedding to match your living room furniture. Keep the leash by the front door on a stylish hook display shaped as a dog bone, and keep the toys tidied away in a wicker bone-shaped basket.