Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books make excellent housewarming gift ideas because they not only provide the homeowner with a chic decor item for life in their new house or apartment, they also demonstrate that you are familiar with the style, tastes, and interests of the host. Whether you choose to give just one book or a collection, take some time to browse the different subjects available to select one (or several) that will make a lovely addition to your host's new home. Two of the most popular topics for coffee table books are art and photography. A bit more information about each to help you decide:

Art Coffee Table Books

If you haven't already, note the artistic preferences of the gift receiver. Do they prefer modern arts, 19th-century portraits, Impressionist paintings? You will find coffee table books that feature the works of the greatest artists of all time including Picasso, Renoir, Degas, and more. If you do not know the host's favorite artist, it is hard to go wrong with a selection from Manet.

You also needn't know a particular artist name. Coffee table books cover almost every imaginable topic, so if you have a few ideas about what the host might find charming or humorous, you will be able to find a title on that subject. Fashion photography is an art in and of itself. Keep books such as these on your coffee table as they will provide inspiration to your friends and family. These prints speak to variations in style but also showcase part of the world that are fashion capitals of the world such as New York or Milan.

Photography Coffee Table Books

Ever popular amongst travel lovers, photography books feature gorgeous landscapes, intriguing portraits, and high fashion from the streets of New York, Paris, and London, to name a few. To give a truly high-quality book, select a compilation of photographs from National Geographic magazines. When in doubt, choose black and white Ansel Adams prints.

Coffee table books are often overlooked as thoughtful gift ideas, but they make excellent housewarming gifts. They are not just oversized doorstops taking up coffee table space and lending undue credence to the literary tastes of the homeowner. Between the covers of those books are beautiful photographs, stunning art pieces, and captivating stories that will appeal to readers young and old.