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Coffee Table Books

There’s more to great coffee table books than meets the eye. From striking covers to amazing art to thought-provoking writing, these books offer a combination of interesting text and intriguing decor. In an age filled with e-books, coffee table books remain a mesmerizing literary option. What you choose and where you place it lets you express your interests and personality, giving your guests a window into your unique style. At Pottery Barn, we can help you say goodbye to wordless decor with our tips for getting the most out of your coffee table books.

Consider the Subject Matter

One glance at a section of coffee table books in a bookstore and you’ll immediately see that they cover an incredible variety of subjects. And perhaps the most important factor in choosing coffee table books is making sure the books’ topics are interesting. After all, you should want to read them and flip through the pages. But even more importantly, these books are an expression of your own interests and passions. They tell your guests about your style, tastes, goals and aspirations.

Judge Coffee Table Books By Their Covers

Despite what your parents told you when you were little, there’s one instance where the cover might be just as important as what’s inside: coffee table books. Glamorous and artful no matter what the subject matter, some of the best coffee table books also include covers that catch your eye and entice you to pick them up for a read. Think about where you’ll be placing the coffee table books and how you’re going to use them. Then, consider the covers as part of your buying process. In a room that needs a pop of color, a few well-placed coffee table books can be as effective as a vase of fresh flowers on accent tables and other surfaces. In an otherwise colorful room, coffee table books with simple but contrasting covers in neutral tones can ground the rest of the decor.

Size Matters

In addition to noting the subject matter and the cover, it helps to choose coffee table books in a variety of sizes. This is particularly true when you plan to stack the books in neat piles, which often look attractive with books that range from large to small. If you only plan to have one coffee table book, make sure that it is large enough to make a statement on your table while still leaving room for regular table use.

Ways to Use Coffee Table Books

Stacking and scattering them on your glass top coffee table isn’t the only way to incorporate coffee table books in your home decor. For example, a well-placed stack can add much-needed height to a console table. That extra height can make the books a great candidate to prop another decorative item like a beloved sculpture or a small painting.

Of course, if you have an overabundance of coffee table books, you could also stack them and use the stacks in place of accent tables. A sturdy stack makes a great spot for you to add a table lamp or rest your cup of coffee. You could even use several stacks together and top them with a piece of glass for a fun and funky coffee table alternative.

You already know that coffee table books are like a work of art. But did you know that you could display them as art? Prop them vertically on shelves or against walls for a gallery-like effect. Just make sure you break them up with other shapes, colors and textures.

No matter how you choose to use or display them, coffee table books add richness, glamour and interest to your room. Top your coffee table with a gorgeous stack, add a stack on your entryway table or display them on your shelving to add literary and artistic appeal to your space.