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Decorative Art

Designing and decorating your own space is one of the benefits of having your own place. As you begin to fill a room, things usually flow in a natural order. Some of the first things you may add are your rugs and window treatments, followed by filling your rooms with a selection of both new and well-loved furniture pieces. Other finishing touches you’ll add to your room are decorative objects, which could be anything from decorative art on the walls to precious china you keep in a cabinet. Perhaps you’re filling a new space and need new ideas to boost your creativity. Or, maybe you want to add some new pieces to your existing decor for a full, complete look. At Pottery Barn, we hope to give you some inspiration to put the finishing touches on every room in your home just the way you like it, from your bedroom to your home office.

As you place your decorative art, think about the space you want it to impact within the room. Art can be many things to different rooms. It can be the finishing touch you hang on your wall that completes all of your decor and ties everything together, or your art can be the focal point of your room. Within your living room, you art may be more the focal point than in the background, as this is the room where you most likely spend the majority of your time. Many of our artwork available comes in a set or includes several pieces that, when paired together, create a cohesive vignette, turning these decorative pieces into conversation-starting focal points. Look for wooden wall hangings that come in sets of two or three, or mosaic tiles that also come in a set. Traditionally, solid-colored rugs work well with more abstract, busier art, while patterned rugs pair well with neutrally colored, simple art. However, there are no rules when it comes to art, and you can mix and match as you see fit to complete the look you love.

If you want a coastal or marine theme, such as in a family room or mudroom, choose art pieces that reflect this motif. For example, hanging an oversized sand dollar piece or a pair of decorative oars is a nice touch, particularly if you have throws and pillows that feature a coastal or New England-style look.

When it comes to decorating the walls of your home office, you have a lot of choices. If this is a space where you confer often with clients and vendors, depending on the nature of your business, you can easily fill the walls with delicate sketches of architecture or other ideas, such as vehicle or travel motifs. Other great home office ideas include wall art such as prints and canvas, a planked panel set or even a set of rustic gears.

Great ideas for the kitchen include wall decor in the shape of a giant fork and spoon or a sculpture made from recycled glass. Sculptures and art that focus on wine or wine bottles are a terrific idea as well, particularly if you’re a bit of an oenophile. A specially-styled wall hanging that forms the words “Love” or “Home” brings a warm feeling to the space, or a carved wood panel may fit in well with your furniture and decor if you like things a bit rustic. If you’re trying to bring a polished look to your media either in your living room or bedroom, consider decorative panels or a TV cover that not only hides your television and keeps it safe from dust when it’s not in use, but also adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the room. Shadow box wall art also complements style and works well in a variety of living areas.