Electronics have quickly become essential for many activities, from business and education to home and car use. Getting in touch with clients and coworkers is very effective through calls, emails, text messages and live chat. Staying close to friends and family members – even those who live across the country or on the other side of the world – is easy through the power of social media and Internet applications. All of this means that using electronics in some form probably makes up a significant part of your daily routine. The question is, how can you integrate them into your home design theme so they feel like they belong? At Pottery Barn, we love marrying functionality with style. We offer many different options that give spaces a modern look while taking care of device-related tasks as well. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

Phones and tablets are extremely versatile and useful. You can use them to make calls, talk with someone face-to-face, learn a new language and take in a wealth of other information available on the Internet. Shopping from home is another practical way to make your life easier. And that’s just scratching the surface. Phones and tablets are great for entertainment too, since many allow you stream your favorite movies or play games. Of course, all of this activity uses energy. Charging your electronics is probably something you do every day – likely several times. But what if you don’t like the look of wires hanging around?

That’s where our stylish charging stations come in. They keep cables and adaptors out of sight, keeping things simple and letting your decor be what grabs your attention. There are several types of charging stations that adapt to your needs and the type of device you use. Many electronics have traditional connectors, either a USB port or a spot for an adaptor to interface. Other phones and tablets make use of wireless charging capabilities. What is wireless charging and how does it work?

Simply put, wireless charging means your device doesn’t have to be connected to anything when charging. This is possible thanks to an electromagnetics. A wireless charger converts electricity into an electromagnetic field and your phone does the opposite, turning it back into useable energy for your device’s battery. Bottom line, invisible energy your phone or tablet can harness just by being near the charger, with no cables needed.

We know that technology is constantly changing, but your favorite things don’t have to. Some pieces of tech just feel really comfortable to use, and last a long time. That’s why many of our charging stations accommodate both kinds of systems, wireless and traditional. They’re a big help for the whole family since anyone can use them no matter their device’s model.

Is one kind of charging option superior to the other? Not at all. They both have specific advantages that appeal to different routines. With wireless charging, your phone or tablet needs to be resting very close to the charging station, often right on top of it. That’s an excellent choice for letting devices recharge as you go to bed or when you’re working. Traditional charging cables have the advantage of letting you continue to use the tablet while it’s charging. So if you have to make a phone call but your battery is getting low, this is a good option.

One way to make charging stations melt into the background is by combining them with chic storage pieces. For example, a mini charger and catchall fit sleekly onto your bedroom dresser or bedside table. A wood construction and white finish makes it look like an extension of your jewelry box. It adds a touch of modern chic to the room, especially with a metallic photo frame nearby. In the kitchen, a wireless charger coupled with a stand lets you cook and check a digital recipe – or even watch a how-to video – at the same time.