Spruce Up Your Decor with White Artificial Flowers from Pottery Barn

Flowers can turn an average room into one that's bursting with style. You don't need to have a green thumb or tons of garden space in your backyard to add flowers to any room in your home though. All you really need is a discerning eye to find your style and a great vase to put them in!

Use this guide to learn more about white artificial flowers at Pottery Barn, as well as how you can use them in your house. Add crisp, clean, easy-to-care-for floral design to your home today without worrying about watering your plants ever again.

Why Buy Faux White Flowers?

Faux white flowers can add a soft touch to any room in your home from a master bedroom to a home office. Here are a few more reasons to shop for artificial flowers for your house:

  • Artificial flowers don't require any care at all! Say goodbye to watering your flowers and trying to find the right replacement for a wilting arrangement.
  • Quality artificial flowers from Pottery Barn look as good as the real thing. Why spend money on flowers that won't live more than a week when you can pick the perfect size, style and variety to live in your home all year round?
  • You can easily mix-and-match artificial flowers in white with colorful options for an elegant, yet understated arrangement. Let your inner florist come out to play!

What Styles Can I Buy?

Update your design scheme with artificial flowers in white today. Here are a few popular styles you can find at Pottery Barn:

  • Individual artificial flowers and bunches. Looking for a particular type of flower? Perhaps you want to make your own arrangement? Shop for individual flowers and small bunches to complement a minimal design or be part of a large scale arrangement.
  • Traditional potted plants. Easy to use and ready to go right out of the box, traditional potted plants look great on entry tables, side tables, bedside tables and more. Oversized options can sit right on the floor.
  • Faux floral arrangements in decorative pots and vases. Add superior style to any space in your home with a floral arrangement already finished in a gorgeous decorative pot or vase. Look for clear and colored glass, classic prints and even metal cups for your tabletop.

Give your home a bit of classic style with white artificial flowers from Pottery Barn. Make your own modern arrangements or choose pre-made options that work with traditional, transitional and contemporary homes. Make sure you check out or selection of stylish decorative objects while you're shopping so you can give all of your surfaces a decor boost.