Lupen Grainne

Cindy Taylor


Turn any wall into a delightful scene by hanging framed art and photographs. Bring to life rooms and feelings with your chosen favorite pictures. Blend the framed art into the rest of the decor or choose colors that pop out from the surroundings. Show off who you are with scenes and pictures that speak for you. Give others the pleasure of being transported into another place or time and bring to life feelings of calm, dreams and intrigue. With all the framed art and photography from us at Pottery Barn, you can find the photography that speaks to you, matches your furnishings and makes guests feel welcome and intrigued.

Tie in the whole living room by adding framed photography to the walls. Hang the art off by itself or over furniture like sofas and sectionals. Hang one primary, standout photo by itself, or create a vignette with other wall hangings. Blend in the whole living room by choosing art with colors found in the furniture or decor.

Bring some cool and intrigue into the office space by hanging framed art. Place a photo of bright botanicals or gentle farm animals over the desk to give anyone sitting there something great to look at. If the desk is opposite the door, placing a brighter piece of wall art, like a cityscape, at eye level creates a focal point for those walking in. Choose black and white photographs to convey feelings of sophistication and business. Choose other cool colors to bring in warmth and relaxation. Pick out pictures that remind you of your favorite sports, retreats or memories to create a work environment that benefits you while you benefit others.

Form a comfortable and engaging atmosphere in the dining room by hanging framed art the width of the dining room table. Entertain anyone who sits around your table by choosing elaborate photographs of your favorite city’s prominent buildings. Hang at eye level and with the lowest part of the frame clear of the people’s head when seated at the table to give a perfect view. Choose the same sized framed art and evenly space them down the length of the wall to elongate the room and table. Increase the effect by choosing colors that match.

Add to the decor and pleasure of your special bedroom space with framed art. Hang over your bed, desk, between dressers or wherever it looks best to you. Explore the great possibilities of increasing feelings and views. Use framed art to make the theme of your room. Do you have a room full of blues and tans? Hanging framed art of the beach would give a beach theme. But adding art of flowers changes the theme to meadow and summer picnics. If you want a look that matches, choose framed art that has the same colors as the focal point in the room. Create a focal point with the art by choosing colors that are brighter but in the same family or by introducing a new color.

Hang wall art between windows to give a pleasant view even when the windows are closed. Place vertical framed art one on top of the other between or flanking the windows to increase the feeling of height. Hang the art with one to two inches between them and then even height between ceiling and floor. Choose light colors to make all light appear brighter and bring pleasant feelings. If hanging near windows that have drapes choose one or two colors that match. When the drapes are pulled back assure at least two inches between the drape and pictures.

Step out of the mainstream and don’t hang your framed art. Stand your framed art instead on a dresser or on a ledge. Keep art from slipping or tipping by using adhesive strips or a tabletop easel. Place larger art in the middle and smaller art on the side for a lovely looking gallery. Overlap edges for cohesive flare. Try putting one framed art to the side and decorating the rest of the ledge with knickknacks and other treasures. Use different shapes to keep it from being too formal. Add words and letters to add personalization.

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