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Personalize Your Space with Framed Wall Art

No two homes are alike, but yours can still be an exceptional stand out when you select framed wall art that gives your space a unique edge. By filling your home with artwork that you love, you make every room and hallway feel like it's designed just for you--because it is. Whether you love desaturated landscapes for a modern-rustic look or the bold lines of city scenes, framed photography personalizes your home with your character and the character of your favorite artists.

Look for Framed Art by Emerging Artists

There's a simple strategy in buying art for longevity. If you want to be able to claim a collection of meaningful work that looks beautiful over furniture refreshes, room renovations or even moves to other cities or climates, look to emerging artists.

  • Emerging artists are those that may not have household name status everywhere yet--like Picasso or Warhol--but are recognized for their contribution to their art form. They're making a name for themselves in the larger world, even if they've already proven their chops among their peers, like photographer Lupen Grainne.
  • Emerging artists are genuine professionals who have moved beyond the amateur stage of their careers. Their artwork is tested and has risen in the ranks to be worthy of a serious reputation.
  • These artists often put out framed art or art prints so that you can enjoy their work without attending galleries or art shows. Art prints let you have the look of a gallery-quality piece in your home all the time.

Rely on Classic Motifs for Art Prints

Some framed wall art can be very challenging in a good way. The artists who create this framed art play with a sense of proportion, color or line work, even in photography, so that you come to appreciate your sense of sight more. By seeing things how they see them, you expand your cultural horizons and make your rooms look amazing.

This truer than ever when you choose art motifs that include everyday objects or collections of items in a representative fashion, like a bevy of beer bottles or a skier's gear.

Give Your Art The Perfect Backdrop

Part of presenting your framed art in the best light is to actually provide the area with the best light. Spotlights, diffused pharmacy-style lighting or the gentle glow of a table lamp all serve to show off artwork, depending on your placement and furniture style. Many art galleries display pieces on white walls to let them stand out, but you can hang your framed wall art on any color or pattern background, including wallpaper.