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Ana Ramirez

Amazing photographs do more than just show off a beautiful vista. They create moods, and they add feeling to the rest of a room’s decor, explaining your vision and inspiration behind it. Photography has the power to tell a story and captivate visitors at the same time. Of course, it looks gorgeous too. That’s why artwork can be an integral part of any space, from the bedroom to the living room and everywhere in between. At Pottery Barn, we want you to have tons of breathtaking options to choose from so you can put together your own story through art. Our Ana Ramirez artwork Collection is very expressive and visually compelling, so consider the decorative possibilities.

What is Ana Ramirez’s photography about? What is her inspiration? Simply put: hidden beauty. She likes to discover amazing art in places that many people take for granted. That doesn’t mean her photography is limited to everyday settings, though. Backdrops in Southern California include beaches, vineyards and forests. Her macro photography highlights gorgeous patterns and textures in flowers while also focusing on subtle color variations. The result is a blend of neutral tones and striking geometric figures. Our Ana Ramirez Collection gives an almost architectural – and definitely artistic – quality to delicate natural settings.

There are many options to the ambience you can create with Ana Ramirez photographs. Pristine flowers and forest scenes are instantly relaxing. If your home features a lot of soft neutrals designed to give it a soothing spa vibe, this collection is a superb fit. It’s bright and positive, which is great for rooms with plenty of natural illumination. Tuscan-inspired decor – a little bit rustic and very warm and intimate – such as reclaimed wood furniture feels even more inviting with golden images of vineyards and wine.

Above all else, be inspired when choosing pieces to pair with your space. It’s all about what each photograph makes you feel. If you’re creating a soothing bathroom with a tub where you can soak your stress away, decorating with calming artwork has a major effect on your outlook. Pick something that brings back fond memories of family, travels or love. In a bedroom – another place where a relaxing vibe is a major plus – bright flowers help you wake up with a positive attitude. Rose tones, ivory, lavender and light blue give it a spacious ambience and are good for taking a refreshing afternoon nap. Bedroom lighting also contributes to peace and calm.

Knowing what size is right for each space is totally up to you. However, it does depend a bit on the room’s dimensions. Larger photographs stand out as one of the principal accent pieces. A popular bedroom spot for artwork is above the bed, in which case bigger is usually better. On a facing wall, combine several smaller pictures – or a few different sizes – in an evocative tableau.