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Cindy Taylor Decor Accessories

Combining her love of travel and experience as a floral designer, Cindy Taylor decor items come to life through her exceptional photography. She captures the beauty of bright and cheerful sunflowers, palm trees blowing in the wind or a quaint beach cottage. Bring their beauty into your home to decorate any room in your house with her amazing designs.

Prints with lobster pots or a table for two outside a diner would be ideal to accent a kitchen. Hang the artwork above a kitchen or dining room table for a great conversation piece. It always seems that guests gather in a kitchen, so make it just as decorative as the rest of the house. The artistic prints add subtle color to the room.

Floral designs and country road prints would complement a master bedroom or a guest room. Bright colors or muted tones would blend with the motif. Coordinate the prints with a comforter or quilt for a finished look. The colors in the artwork will make the colors in the bedding pop. Neutral hues will also work for a monochromatic look. White on white or beige on beige is sleek and definitive. Blue on blue or yellow on yellow will make a bold statement or mix and match with colors to add a little character.

The photographic prints with serene ocean scenes, sailboats or rustic farm life would accent a den or study. Calming photographs hung on the wall make a soothing atmosphere for relaxing on a comfortable sofa or sectional at the end of the day. Prop your feet up on an ottoman and call it a day in your decorative, cozy den.

Welcome guests to your home with photographs of island life or pictures of cottages. Hang them beside a coat rack in the entryway or above a sofa, sectional or love seat. Since the foyer is usually the first room your guests will see, you’ll want to decorate it with warmth and hospitable appeal. At Pottery Barn, we have elegant console tables that fit nicely in an entryway for storage and decoration. Slim designs won’t take up valuable space. Some tables have a second shelf for added storage options. Place a lamp on the table for soft lighting and to illuminate the artwork hanging above the console table. A dish or catchall can hold your car keys, so you’ll always know where they are.