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Jennifer Meyers

Decorating with art has two main purposes. One is to impress guests and tell them something about you, your personality and creative vision. However, perhaps the most important facet of artwork has to do with making the home feel comfortable to you. After all, you’re the one who spends the most time there. Artwork that fits your values and interests has a profound effect on your emotions. It can help you relax, inspire you to do great things or just put a big smile on your face. At Pottery Barn, we look for artists that are very expressive. That makes it easier for you to find pieces that speak straight to your heart. Jennifer Meyers is one such artist with a clear identity.

Jennifer Meyers focuses on fine art photography of American countryside landscapes and life. However, there’s much more to it than that. The essence of her work is capturing the emotions behind those breathtaking vistas. She presents intimate close-ups of horses in their natural environment, cattle grazing peacefully and other inquisitive and playful animals engaging in the day’s activities. Each piece is presented in a way that makes you feel present as if you were right there stroking a mare’s smooth forehead or wandering the plains in search of the perfect picture. Another feature is her ability to present the sensation of each season with amazing finesse. Photographs of horses in winter actually make you want to grab a toasty blanket and cozy up around a campfire.

Anyone who has a love of nature and wide-open spaces will find our Jennifer Meyers Collection appealing. If you’re especially fond of horses, the tender portrayal of these majestic and loving creatures will warm your heart. They give the room a sense of freedom and untamed wilderness. Anyone with an adventurous personality – explorers, hikers, photographers and travelers – appreciates that same wild-hearted vibe. An expansive vista starts your day off with lots of excitement and fills you with happiness.

Rustic design themes are another natural fit for our Jennifer Meyers photographs. Reclaimed wood furniture, wood flooring and a comfortable area rug all bring the spirit of nature inside. Decorate with scenes that reflect your dream ranch. For some, that means black-and-white images of cattle and expansive skies. Others prefer the appearance of beautiful stands of trees punctuated by a bright sunrise.

How can you choose the right wood frame tone to match other shades of wood in a living room, bedroom or dining room? Don’t worry about pairing wood colors perfectly. Having several hues makes it feel even more like a home. Try to match the undertones instead. If your furniture has a warm theme – leather counts as well – choose rich arts frames in tones like espresso. Cooler wood looks great with frames featuring a white or black distressed finish.