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Lupen Grainne

Lupen Grainne is a self-taught photographer who uses her travel experiences and her home in scenic Sonoma Valley as inspiration for her photography. Her photos of the beach, birds, windmills and sand cliffs are stunning as are the ones of roses, water and grass dunes too. They are so lifelike that it seems you could reach out and actually touch what she has photographed. The photographic artwork makes a terrific display on any wall of your home.

To accessorize your home even more, consider using some decorative throw pillows to enhance the decor. It’s such a simple way to add color. Floral or paisley patterns mix well with pastel or primary color solids on a bedspread, sofa – or focal piece of artwork like one of Lupen Grainne's photographs of a rustic, vividly colorful European home, framed in a larger 42"x28" size. Faux fur pillows give a shabby chic vibe and are so soft you can’t resist them. A lumbar pillow is functional on a desk chair, but can also serve as a decorative piece.

Place trays on a console table to display decanters or a gallery of framed photos. Galvanized trays are universal in that they complement a rustic style of decorating, eclectic tones for hippie expression or a more formal ambience. Choose mirrored trays or brass or woven varieties as an alternative way to go. At Pottery Barn, we have a large selection of decorative and functional trays. Serve appetizers and cocktails to guests with them.

Pair some of your new Lupen Grainne artwork with a touch of nature by dotting plants around your home. If you don’t have a sunny window or a green thumb, choose a faux flower or tree. They’ll look good all year and won’t require any maintenance. However, if you prefer live plants, there are cheerful hydrangeas, exotic orchids and calming lavender from which to choose. Decorate a wall with live moss lettering for an eclectic wall hanging that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Gorgeous baskets are an ideal decorating accessory. Store odds and ends in the baskets to get rid of clutter. Some baskets have lids for a tidy stash-away to keep items out of sight. Others have convenient handles for easy carrying and toting. Stay organized with a collection of baskets. Larger ones can stand alone while smaller ones can rest on shelves or tables. Hamper baskets store dirty clothes in a decorative way. Basket woven trash cans even look great under a desk or out in the open. Place a basket by a sofa or chair to use as a magazine rack. They’ll be right where you need them whenever you’re ready to thumb through travel or decorating magazines or any of your favorites.