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Meg Venter

Artist Meg Venter is a multitalented, well-known photographer. She photographs free-spirited pictures of jellyfish, beach umbrellas, colorful kayaks and a vintage Ferris wheel. Alternatively, she captures the beauty of ocean waves and the appeal of a rustic nautical items. Her photography runs the spectrum from whimsical to classic design to accessorize the rooms in your home.

If you prefer the carefree nature in decorating that some of Meg Venter's pieces exude, we have some accent mirrors at Pottery Barn that reflect a light and airy tone. Sunburst, lattice design and frameless mirrors are stunning, funky and eclectic all in one. Choose pressed tin, porthole or carved door mirrors for a more primitive, casual look. Ornate and arched or trellis mirrors mimic a traditional decor. Mirrors serve a dual purpose to complement the decor and to see your reflection when you need to.

Baskets are similar in that they make suitable storage placement, but they look terrific too. Choose from large baskets that can fit in a corner of a room, possibly one with a lid to hide the contents. You also might want a smaller size with handles for ease in transporting from room to room. Store smaller baskets on shelves or table. They work well at the bottom of a staircase to tote things up when you decide to go upstairs. Use baskets for magazine racks, clothes hampers or trash cans. Stay organized while complementing the decor in your home.

To continue being organized and hopefully on time, hang a wall clock or two in pertinent rooms. Hang a leather wall clock in the den to know when your next show is going to air on television. Put a clock chalkboard clock in an entryway to keep up with time, but also to store notes and reminders around the clock.

Consider hanging an organization wall system or rack by the door you use most often, pairing it with some Meg Venter artwork. A shelf with cubbies, a shoe bench on the floor, a row of hooks with a shelf or a hanging mirror with hooks is ideal for storing what you need on the go. Hang jackets and hats, store keys, leave pocketbooks or wallets and glasses here. You’ll be ready to head out the door at a moment’s notice if all you need is right at your fingertips. No fumbling around looking for those car keys. Leave reminders for appointments and encouraging notes for family members too.