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Michal Venera

Artwork is an amazing way to decorate a space. It’s a striking way to represent your design vision and your personality. It also grabs the attention of anyone walking into a room. At Pottery Barn we offer high-quality curated art from artists with a bold sense of style. They’re distinctive and expressive, which is ideal because it makes it easy to create exactly the ambience and emotion you’re looking for. Consider who Michal Venera is artistically and what kind of decor possibilities our collection of Michal Venera prints offers you before making your final decision.

The essence of Michal Venera’s work has to do with black-and-white photography. It captures intricate details, interesting textures and brilliant contrasts of light and darkness. It’s plain to see Venera’s fondness of imposing international architecture with its soaring lines and geometric shapes. At the same time, his photographs reveal a human connection to these places, from the touch of skin to everyday activities carried out in the shadow of these modern-day monoliths.

What kind of personality and design theme does this kind of artwork appeal to? It fits into many different styles easily. If you have a penchant for all things vintage, black-and-white photographs are an awesome addition to a room with bright lighting and a tufted leather sofa. Architectural photographs also have a very modern aspect superb for pairing with dark floor lamps and accent furniture containing lots of glass. Our Michal Venera Collection is right at home with an industrial layout featuring ordinary metal elements made elegant. If you’re a photography buff, these detailed pieces will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Black-and-white photos are an excellent way to fill neutral-themed rooms with visual excitement without overpowering it. They stick to the same palette but still stand out because of their striking lines and contrasts. Match Michal Venera prints with an upholstered sofa or sectional in shades of gray, a solid white area rug and a long bench or ottoman as a coffee table. Add a few small pops of color in the form of one or two decorative pillows or some fresh flowers.

Impressive black-and-white photographs have a tendency to act as accent pieces no matter where you put them. However, there are a few ways of highlighting them even more. They love light, so draw attention to Michal Venera’s artwork with light fixtures that say a lot about your creative flair. It might be a stunning crystal chandelier nearby or a console table with a pair of distinctive lamps on each side of the photograph. Pendants or track lighting overhead give the whole space a 1920’s vibe, especially in a sleek dining room.