Games & Entertainment

Entertaining adds needed down time to you life, with benefits for everyone. It makes you happy when you see friends and family laughing and having a good time, and they enjoy both your company and your hospitality. Spending time with loved ones reduces stress and lets you slow down for a moment and relish the finer things in life. Good food, fond memories and heartfelt affection are definitely things you treasure. At Pottery Barn, we want you to have as many of these beautiful moments as possible. We want to help you make every party a huge success. Are you looking for inspiration? Games and entertainment go hand in hand. Something especially awesome about games is that they appeal to people of all ages. Here are a few ideas to play around with.

What do games do for a party? For one thing, they help your guests – and the host too – feel comfortable. With fun games, it’s easy to just to be yourself and have a good time. That’s why they’re an excellent conversation starter. Expect tons of jokes, laughter and fun when playing together. Another benefit is that most are very hands-on, but you don’t need any kind of special knowledge to play most of the time. That gets everyone involved in the action. At the end of the night, no one wants to go home because they’re all having so much fun.

What kind of games are popular for entertaining? Well, there are almost too many to count. But they’re usually divided into three main categories: outdoor games, indoor games and tabletop games. Each group is a little bit different, but all three have a positive impact on anyone’s day.

Outdoor games depend a little on the amount of space you have available. Entertaining outside is awesome anyway, since the open air and cool breeze are naturally refreshing and positive. It also gives you the opportunity to fire up your grill and tantalize the palates of your friends and family with moist and flavorful barbecued chicken or grilled hamburgers. Homemade pizza is another favorite that doesn’t take long to make for an intimate group of guests. Many games let you be part of the fun while the chicken is cooking in the background.

If you have a large backyard, games like horseshoes, ring toss, bean bag toss and croquet are awesome. If you feel like it, you can even set up a volleyball net for a relaxed game between friends. But what if you don’t have an immense outdoor space? Don’t worry. You can have just as much fun with guests on a deck, patio, terrace or even an apartment balcony. In that case, tabletop games are a popular way to laugh together until the sun goes down. Just take into account your available space when deciding on how many people to invite. That way everyone has room to get excited.

Inside a house or apartment, there are tons of options for exciting entertainment. And different ideas appeal to a whole range of personalities. There are games with a paused tempo where the journey is just as important as the destination. Other games are designed to get your heart pumping and have fun showing off your physical prowess.

Air hockey and table tennis are two games that are popular with kids and adults. They give you the opportunity to strut your stuff, get in some gentle exercise and have some fun playing against your friends and family a bit. This kind of ambience is perfect for enjoying drinks – or soft drinks – finger food and maybe watching a football game while waiting for your turn at the table.

Foosball and pool are also games that families can share, but they have a slight twist. Depending on the way you decorate, they can also be a sophisticated way to spend an evening. Similar to the effect of a poker table, pool tables give the room some flair. You can make an entertainment room feel vintage, elegant, classic or modern with the overhead lighting, sofas and accent tables, and wall decor you choose.