Lanterns and Lights

At Pottery Barn, we want you to love lanterns and lights just as much as we do. That’s why we offer a huge collection of lanterns and lights in styles that are romantic, art deco, rustic and casual to suit every design you can dream of. Galvanized, aluminum and cast-iron lanterns add an industrial and rustic look to any home, making these particularly great for use outside. Polished silver, brass and bronze all lend a subtle shine to your room and can be used as part of contemporary or casual designs. Add a touch of light reflection by using votive candles inside your lanterns. The flame reflects through the glass of the votive and lantern for soft, romantic light that dances brilliantly.

When choosing a lantern, you want to first decide what room you want to place it in. Lanterns work great in entryways and hallways to brighten up dark spaces and welcome guests with a gorgeous glow. Stagger several up the stairway to illuminate the path both indoors or outdoors on the back patio. Add a romantic touch with flameless pillar candles that you don’t have to worry about blowing out at the end of the night. Scented candles add a striking aroma, and scents like rose and vanilla add a calming presence that is ideal for the bedroom.

Use lanterns to accessorize an accent table or fill large corners and floor space with a combination of lanterns and bins and baskets that add organization to your space. Choose lanterns in varying heights and woven baskets to create texture and dimension in your room. Colored baskets add a punch of color that brightens up the room while canvas bins add casual storage that blends perfectly with refined lanterns in weathered and white finishes. All of our lanterns feature convenient hooks to hang on a wall or stake. You can also set them strategically around the room or backyard for a casual appeal.

Frame a statement piece on the wall by pairing two identical lanterns and using them symmetrically on either side of wall decor. You can place lanterns around mirrors or picture frames to create a beautiful border and lighting for your favorite works of art. This framed style creates an eye-catching look that will draw your guests in and serve as a perfect conversation piece for large parties and gatherings. Mount them directly on the wall or hang them elegantly from wall hooks for an antique look.

The beautiful thing about lanterns is that even the simplest styles can be dressed up by adding decor inside or outside each one. Turn your home into a farmhouse tribute or rustic cabin escape by adding succulents inside your lantern. If your decor is beach inspired, add seashells, soft sand, corals or glass balls to create an airy retreat that transports you to your favorite beaches. Add a touch of glamour with roses or invoke the essence of fragrant springtime with lavender and daisies. You can even turn your lantern into a seasonal and holiday decor hit by adding autumn leaves and Christmas inspired holly.

Since decorative objects can be added and removed easily, you can change up the look of your lantern in a moment’s notice. Lanterns are versatile and lightweight so you can redesign your rooms and instantly refresh your style by simply changing the decor inside the lanterns or adding new colored candles. You can even use the lanterns outside to decorate your next backyard barbecue or an important family gathering. Simply place them on the tables as centerpieces or adorn the yard with several to create a soft, romantic atmosphere that is perfect for encouraging engaging conversation.