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Illuminate Your Indoor or Outdoor Space with Lanterns

The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere, especially when you opt for lanterns. This type of illumination imparts a softer glow than lamps and come in a variety of styles for indoors or outdoors. Pottery Barn has a wide selection of decorative lanterns to suit your style.

Decorating with Lanterns

Whether you're shopping for indoor or outdoor lanterns, you'll find plenty of options. These items aren't just functional but stylish as well. They coordinate well with most any furnishings and can be incorporated into any space, whether it's decorated in a traditional style, modern style or even something like country-inspired or coastal. Take a look at these ideas:

  • Use an indoor lantern as a table centerpiece. The candlelight helps create an elegant dining experience and the lantern itself offers more visual interest than candles on their own.
  • Decorate your mantel with one of the lanterns from Pottery Barn. You might even want to group several together, such as one large lantern with two smaller ones.
  • Create a cozy reading nook by placing a lantern on an end table beside a comfortable chair. The warm glow of the candle flame provides light and imparts a romantic ambiance to the space.
  • A lantern can also be hung from a hook for a stylish lighting solution. If one lantern doesn't provide enough light, hang a row of them to achieve the level of illumination you're going for.
  • The finish of your lantern can contribute to the look of the room. A silver finish looks great in a room decorated with cool-toned colors, while a black finish goes with everything. For a more rustic look, consider a bronze finish.

Light Up Your Next Gathering

One or more decorative lanterns is a great lighting choice for your next party. Outdoor lanterns are a stylish way to illuminate your next open-air gathering, whether it's at the beach or in your backyard. You can even use these lights for indoor parties as well. Your guests will love the glow emitted by these lights because it's softer than the light from traditional light bulbs.

Check out the selection of lanterns at Pottery Barn to discover an array of fashionable options. There are pieces that have a vintage look and those that are more modern. Regardless of the look you want to create, there's a decorative lantern in the selection that's right for you.