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Finding the right rug can make all the difference when trying to tie together your dining room. The hunt for the perfect dining room area rug can take some consideration, planning, and time. Ideally, the rug should be both functional and fashionable; the right rug will anchor your space, provide a well-balanced feel to the room, and still be practical enough to handle the occasional spill. Pottery Barn offers area rugs in a variety of shapes, styles and colors so you can easily find the rug you need to put the finishing design touches on your dining room. Take a look at our tips below and start the search for your perfect dining room rug.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

1. Cropping Photos

Cropping lets you call attention to your images while eliminating anything that doesn't belong. To try different crops, use four lengths of black construction paper, and place them over the image.

2. Focal Point 

Have a focal point. The center of the display should be at eye level. 66" off the ground is a good rule of thumb.

3. Restoring Old Photos

Most copy and photo centers will work with you to eliminate spots, tears, and color deterioration. If you have a computer and a scanner/printer, you can do it yourself.

4. Wall Color

Wall color plays a key role in the way photographs look. Take a hint from museums and galleries, and use wall color to highlight accent colors, creating drama.

5. Wall and Frame Care

To protect walls and your photographs use frame hangers, which are sturdier than traditional wall hangers, and felt disks to prevent scratches and nicks.



To create the grid, start by placing the center frame, then place the four larger frames, followed by the rest.

Nine Squared

Even though it's one of the easiest frame displays to do, the impact of this grid layout is great. Simply make sure you have an even amount of space between each frame.

Outer Align

This frame display aligns at the outer edges, creating balance — even though the distance between frames varies.


Scatter various-sized frames in an arrangement-but ensure to align the bottoms and tops to create order.


Start by placing the center frame, then spiral out the other frames. Make sure there is an even amount of space between all of the other frames and the center frame.


Center the two frames in the middle, then align the left and right sides with one another to create this balanced display.