Rows of Hooks

Maintaining organization is made easier throughout your home or home office with rows of hooks. Utilizing vertical space is always a win, helping you calm the clutter in the bedrooms, bathrooms, entryway and laundry room. With a hook for everyone’s items, you can avoid those hectic, last-minute scrambles as you leave the house for the day. Hooks also help free drawer and closet space for other essentials.

Starting in the entryway, we at Pottery Barn want to help you ensure that the first impression of your home is a positive one. With stylish rows of hooks lining the walls in your entryway, there is rarely an untidy mess. Entryway accessories give you all of the vertical storage options you need without sacrificing one ounce of style. Cubbies, coat racks, shelves and shoe racks provide a home for every belonging, stowing them neatly out of sight. You can also add a cushioned bench to the entryway to give family members a comfortable place to sit as they lace up their shoes.

Rows of hooks are an ideal solution in the laundry room. Imagine the neatness and orderliness when you pair hooks with other laundry accessories. Shelving, bins, drying racks and hampers are just a few of your options as you create a finely-tuned laundry room to meet your family’s needs. With hooks on the walls, you have a place to hang clothes while they dry or after ironing. Hooks are also ideal for temporary storage of off-season clothing and other belongings.

Moving on to the bedrooms, rows of hooks keep separates and belongings within easy reach. You can even install them at child-height to enable youngsters to hang up their own items. Create a distinctive wall system to hold everything with beautifully useful ledges and shelves. Used in tandem with rows of hooks, you’ll never search for a lost hat, scarf or belt again. Mirrored shelves add even more functionality to bedroom wall organization systems, enabling you to check out your reflection before leaving the house. These vertical storage systems also help free up valuable space in the closet and in dressers.

Keep a beautifully organized home by installing rows of hooks in many different rooms. From the kitchen to the bathroom with every room in between, you’ll find virtually infinite uses for these utilitarian hook systems. A wide array of styles ensure that the hooks mesh beautifully with every room and every decor.