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String Lights

At Pottery Barn, we know that proper lighting lets you enjoy your favorite activities inside and outside of your home, and helps to set the right mood too. Our string lights add a touch of romance and whimsical vibe to your outdoor barbecue or when cozying up on the couch to watch your favorite movie. If you want to add soft lighting to your outdoor space, drape string lights above your outdoor furniture or adorn your deck and patio posts for a sweet space where you can enjoy dinner with friends and family. If you want to invoke the essence of nature, opt for string lights with twig accents for a textured look that pairs with rustic designs.

You can even celebrate your favorite seasons with our string lights that are an integral part of fall decor. Ceramic pumpkins add an exquisite and elegant look to your front porch and welcome your guests to a festive home. Galvanized metal pumpkins complement rustic designs and add a handsome, industrial silhouette that is typical of farmhouse decor. Lit twig pumpkins add a textured look and can be placed strategically on the ground or suspended from stakes and hooks for your preferred look.

Our lit decor makes celebrating your favorite holidays even more enjoyable. Burlap Jack-O’-Lantern string lights are a casual addition to Halloween decor and inspire fun vibes during the spookiest time of the year. Orange string lights invoke the color of the holiday and are ideal for homes with small children that are just getting into the festive celebration without frightening them. Take the scare factor up a notch with creepy spider string lights that offer just the right amount of spine tingling chill. Intricate lit webs serve as a backdrop for home decor or even as classroom pieces that students will adore.

Use lit decor as standalone lighting for a festive look, or enhance the bright LEDs with flameless pillar candles for an extra dramatic display. Our flameless candles are ideal for homes with small children or busy households since you don’t have to remember to blow out flame candles. Add a candle to ceramic pumpkins for a glowing look that features dancing shadows, or add votive candles to skull cloches for a cemetery inspired look that spooks all the neighbors. Keep things simple with string lights featuring exposed Edison or tear drop shaped bulbs for subtle illumination that is in style all year long.

Decor in round and star shapes serves as striking wall art pieces to brighten up any space. Suspend a lit star above your children’s beds to inspire them to reach their highest potential. Add a lit circle around a round mirror to create an instant vanity where you can get ready for work in the morning or a special night out. Mix and match lit decor wall art and place them over an entryway bench or console table to create a stunning piece that your guests will love to stop and stare at.

Our lit decor also includes a range of wreaths that add a natural touch to your home. Wreaths are great for adorning your front or patio doors and can even be hung over the fireplace for a warm, earthy look that warms up even the coldest nights. Step out of the traditional box and use a wreath as a table centerpiece or as a frame for your favorite round mirror. You can even hang a lit wreath from the ceiling of your outdoor lounge area to create the look of a rustic and romantic chandelier that adds warm light to your entertaining.