Wall Clocks

The concept of time is hard-wired into most people’s minds. From the moment you wake up to your final activities before bed, chances are you like to be aware of what time it is. That makes sense. Being punctual offers many benefits at work and home. It’s no surprise that many visitors look almost instinctively for a clock from the moment they walk into a room. Of course, a clock’s full potential goes way beyond the simple function of telling the time. A beautiful clock can be that brilliant piece that puts the finishing touch on a room’s design. If you are not sure exactly what style you’re looking for, or where to display a gorgeous piece, you have answers. At Pottery Barn, we make it easy to find clocks that stand out. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for amazing decorating with clocks.

There are endless shapes, materials and sizes from which to select a clock. That variety is a good thing when it comes to finding one that fits perfectly into your design vision. How can you be sure what works in your space? Trust your instincts. Each clock creates a specific ambience in the room. Some pieces – such as a rustic wooden clock with a warm finish – give spaces an intimate, Tuscan feel. Others are sleek and modern. There are many ways to express elegance with a clock, from gold tones to black metal.

Clocks are art. They fall into the same category as canvas paintings, chic photography and decorative objects. That means that decorating with clocks follows the same principles: express yourself and don’t be afraid to go bold. You can experiment with color contrasts, themes and complementary shapes to create a visual masterpiece in any room.

As an accent piece, large clocks grab your attention right away. One reason is their round shape. It instantly stands out from the sharp contours of your furniture. Also, a clock is one of the few pieces of art with motion. Ticking hands are hard to ignore. Black clocks blend beautifully with almost any design style or color theme. Neutral tones and wood elements give the room a relaxing atmosphere.

The question of what size is right for different spaces depends on several factors, including your personal preferences to how big an accent wall is and how many other decorations you’re planning on using. Large clocks can stand alone anywhere, whether above a sofa or sectional or across from the dining room table. Smaller pieces look beautiful on narrow walls, such as above a window in the kitchen or on a far wall in a cozy bathroom.

You can also combine several different shapes and sizes in a clock grouping. This gives the room a layered look that’s artistic and inviting. Start with a central attention-grabbing piece, and then work around it, adding as many additional clocks as you want. Because of their round nature, you don’t need to worry about lining up edges at all. You can try a spiral arrangement or just go totally random. Including one or two clocks with a photographic grouping is another awesome idea. Dark hands look striking when paired with black-and-white images or bold colors.

Square clocks offer a particular design benefit: you don’t need to hang them from the wall if you don’t want. They look just as elegant when propped up on top of a fireplace. Decorate with a few candles on each side for a rustic design. You can also create a stunning vignette in your living room, bedroom or entryway by placing a clock above a console table. Vases of differing heights, flowers and other decorative elements come together harmoniously. To use a round clock, simply hang it about 8 to 10 inches from the console table’s upper surface and decorate in the same way.

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