All Bath Linens

When it comes to your home, you want your bathroom to be one of the most relaxed and luxurious rooms in it, making bath and shower time something to look forward to while making your morning routine take an upbeat flair, too. The right type of bath linens not only add decorative accents to a bathroom, but also serve to be soft and comfortable as you begin or end your day. From bath towels to luxurious bath robes, find all bath linens you need when shopping Pottery Barn.

Look for bath towels that not only match your bathroom’s existing decor and vanity, but are also soft and plush enough to offer you a feeling of grand relaxation in the morning. Solid bath towels in a myriad of different colors work well for any bathroom. The higher the gram count, the more luxurious and soft the towel is, so keep this in mind when considering options. Whether you need just one extra towel for the bathroom or are purchasing an entire set complete with washcloth and hand towel, there are many choices to work in your bathroom.

Many bath towels also have the ability to be personalized and monogrammed, allowing you to add a special touch to your own bathroom decor or giving you the ability to give a great gift to someone else for the holidays or for a special occasion. Striped and patterned bath towels also serve to enliven a bathroom’s drab look. Look for bright and bold patterns, such as those with diamonds, stripes or palm trees to bring joy and warmth to the room. Many of the bath towel choices are also organic and eco-friendly. These choices from The Eco Shop allow you to shop with peace of mind and confidence, knowing that your purchasing power is not harming the environment.

For a luxurious feeling under your feet, choose a bath mat or rug that complements the color of the towels and has a luxurious, soft feel. Many of these choices are also eco-friendly and fast drying, so that water does not sit and get damp on your bath mat when not in use. Choose different sizes that perfectly fit your bathroom floor, keeping in mind that many rugs have the ability to be monogrammed as well as bath towels.

Perhaps the focal point of any bathroom, having a shower curtain with the ideal amount of decoration can really bring life to a bathroom. Choose from simple designs, such as solid shower curtains in neutral colors, or opt for one that showcases your sense of style, such as a shower curtain with delightful meadowlarks. A fabric, embroidered shower curtain is a nice touch, and can easily match crisp, white bath towels and bath mats with the same solid border. Always remember the accessories when purchasing a new shower curtain. Hooks are absolutely necessary, but having a shower curtain liner is also helpful to extend the life of the shower curtain and to keep water from spilling onto the floor.

Step into a luxurious robe after your shower or bath for a luxurious, wonderful feeling. Opt for robes with hotel-styled trim for an “away-from-home” feeling, or consider an organic spa robe, for an eco-friendly option that gives off a luxury spa vibe. A classic terrycloth robe works well for lounging around the house or wearing after a bath, while a cozy faux fur robe with matching slippers is the perfect type of loungewear for a rainy Sunday. Similarly to other bath products, robes have the ability to be monogrammed and personalized and come in several colors other than white for more choices. Organic cotton and terry cloth materials provide you with a supreme level of softness that adds to your relaxation and “me” time.