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Solid Bath Towels

Patterned Bath Towels

Organic Bath Towels

Bath Towels

Help breathe new life into your bathroom by getting retiring your well used bath towels and replacing them with a set of new ones. While the switch seems nondescript and unremarkable, bath towels contribute more in giving the bathroom a refreshing new look than you expect. In fact, new bath towels on the towel bars provide a similar effect as a new bath robe on you. Imagine the new towels hanging on the bar with pleasant fluff, in vibrant colors and with satisfyingly unfamiliar patterns. While it is not as dramatic as a tile change, such an effect from a practically effortless move is a good start.

Bath towels come in a host of different sizes, colors, patterns, textures, designs, fabrics, weight and loop counts. With too many variables to consider, buying bath towels may appear a tedious task, but one simple workaround to all these factors is choosing by your need and preference, and in that order. For instance, if you need them to be fluffy and superabsorbent, go with pima or Egyptian cotton fabric bath towels. On the other hand, if you require quick drying bath towels, look for the microfiber fabric types.

When it comes to bath towel preferences, your taste and desired overall look for the bathroom comes into play. This is where you decide the color and design of your new bath towels. Do you want them in a solid color or would you rather have them with stripes and patterns? Do the bath towels stand out on their own or do they complement the bathroom accessories in creating the overall look that you want? Bath towels with solid colors work well for a minimalist and crisp bathroom design, while decorative types such as those with patterns, sculpting or embroidery fit well into themed and elegant bathroom designs.

Admittedly, holding the bath towels and feeling their weight and texture in a store has its advantages over purchasing them online. Doing so also affords you the opportunity to check the number and density of the fabric loops, wherein more means more absorbent, as well as inspect the strength of the fabric. This is not to say, of course, that you can not purchase a good towel online. Pottery Barn has a wide range of bath towel offerings, from regular bath towels, hand towels and beach towels to organic bath linens. Each product description provides enough information to help you make the right purchase according to your need and preferences. Although you cannot feel the weight and texture of the bath towels, the weight of the fabric in grams are in their description. Highly absorbent towels range between 650 grams to more than 800 grams and are of 100 percent cotton fabric. Quick drying towels on the other hand, weigh to about 550 grams max and usually have a mix of cotton and microfiber fabric.

Some of our bath towels come in sets, with each set consisting of regular bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. Regular bath towels measure 27 inches by 52 to 58 inches, hand towels 16 by 28 to 30 inches and washcloths are 13-inch square. There are also other larger types of bath towels such as the bath sheet, which is the type that fully wraps around you. This measures a generous 35 inches by 60 to 70 inches. Keep in mind that higher quality bath towels, such as those that have a heavier weight and have Egyptian cotton or pima fabric are designed to last longer and give you plenty of pleasant after bath pampering. Check and follow the care and maintenance instructions for the towels to help them last and look good longer.