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Organic Bath Towels

Nothing says luxury like wrapping up in a fluffy organic cotton bath towel after a shower, swim or dip in the hot tub. Surround yourself in comfort with organic bath towels from Pottery Barn. Our collection includes high-quality towels for every day and guest use in a wide range of colors to complement any interior color scheme. Create a calming, spa-like atmosphere with neutral colored towels, or add an unexpected pop of color to a muted palette.

Pure Organic Cotton

Our organic bath towels are woven from pure organic cotton that has been cultivated without the use of synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides. They are also free of chemicals and irritants like fletch and fabric softeners, making them safe for children, allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin.

Elegant Details

We offer organic bath towels featuring elegant details like embroidered stripes and dotted borders. These towels also feature a super-plush 700-gram weight, making them comparable to those used in hotels. Monogramming is available on all of our organic cotton towels. Give them as a spa gift, or put them on your wedding registry. Or, simply use them to recreate a luxurious spa experience at home.

Our collection features the latest bath linen technology to ensure the ultimate in absorbency and softness. Our Hydrocotton organic towels are crafted using an innovative weaving process that creates thousands of tiny untwisted loops, allowing the fabric to absorb up to 10 times more moisture than regular cotton terry. Aerospin Organic Towels are woven using an advanced technique that allows for greater airflow. These towels dry quickly and retain their plush appearance even after repeated washing, making them ideal for guest suites.

Colors Inspired by Nature

Our organic bath towels are available in a range of colors that are inspired by hues found in nature. Consider our solid color PB Organic Towels, which come in earth-inspired shades like Gray Mist, Ivory and Light Orchid. Prefer to make a statement with your bath linens? Have a look at out Elbert Stripe Organic Towels or our Marlo JacQuard Organic Towels, which feature bold patterns and come in vibrant shades like Coral and Marigold.

Whether you want to pamper your guests or are simply looking to elevate your everyday bathing experience, organic bath towels offer the ultimate in softness and absorbency. Be sure to keep up with new designs and seasonal patterns to ensure your bathroom is always updated.