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Solid Bath Towels for a Well-Coordinated Bathroom

Transform your bathroom with solid bath towels and coordinating accent items. No matter what color your floor and fixtures are, you can find towels, rugs and shower curtains that coordinate beautifully. Whether you're starting with a bare bathroom or just want to add a touch of color to your existing decor, you'll find plenty of towels from which to choose at Pottery Barn.

How to Select Solid Bath Towels

Towels are both functional and stylish. They're used for drying off after a bath or shower but are also great for imparting a fresh look to your bathroom. Here are some tips for buying bath towels:

  • If you want a towel that dries quickly and is easy to care for, you can't go wrong with cotton. The selection has regular cotton and organic cotton towels in a wide variety of hues and shades. There's also Aerospin™ cotton towels, which have a special weave that makes them soft and quick-drying.
  • Some synthetic materials are also good when it comes to towels. Tencel™ is one type of synthetic material that's used for towels because it's soft and durable.
  • In addition to towels, Pottery Barn also has solid hand towels and solid washcloths from which to choose. Hand towels are great for hanging on a towel rack, so that family and guests can dry their hands after washing. Washcloths can be stored in a wicker basket for a stylish look or in the linen closet.

Bathroom Color Scheme Ideas

As previously mentioned, there are all kinds of items for the bathroom that let you create a coordinated look. Your bath towels are a great place to start when it comes to choosing a color palette. For example, if you have blue bath towels, you could choose a matching rug and a shower curtain with a blue and white print. Of course, you don't have to match your pieces to achieve a stylish look. Contrasting colors like black and white are a great way to make a bold impact. If you get tired of the colors you've chosen, changing the look of the room is as easy as changing the towels, rug and shower curtain.

Towels and Bathroom Accessories

Explore the array of solid bath towels at Pottery Barn to find the right towels for your needs. You may also want to check out the solid hand towels and solid washcloths. There are also bathroom fixtures, shelves, storage bins and other items for a functional, stylish bathroom.