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Have Fun with Decorative Bath Towels

Experience the majesty of fluffy, new decorative bath towels. While you may know the luxury of top-notch towels well--from hotels, spas or your carefully-curated linen closet--these new bath towel sets go beyond the sumptuousness of fine construction to include beautiful design. Discover jacquard, trellis patterns, sculpted depth and whimsical prints made to make you smile while you dry.

Indulge in Jacquard

Explore the indulgence of jacquard towels. These towels offer an extra-plush feel on your skin, thanks to their unique, high-quality fabric.

  • Jacquard is created by weaving threads on a special loom so that the warp--the threads that stay stationary on a loom while the weft passes over and under them--reveals a pattern. The technique is named after the Frenchman who invented the technology.
  • These towels are often two-tone to call out the pattern of the jacquard fabric, but you can also find solid bath towels featuring jacquard for a subtle style.
  • Display these decorative bath towels on rails to show off the artistry inherent in the weave.

Cozy Up with Sculpted Texture

For a sophisticated and utterly luxurious look, turn to sculpted towels. The texture of these bath towels highlights tonal designs showcased in relief.

  • Sculpted towels consist of an ultra-plus 600-gram weight cotton. This thickness gives them a substantial look and an incredible feel.
  • A floral motif with vines spans the expanse of the bath towel for a gorgeous look in every color.
  • Fold, stack or hang sculpted towels. The weight of the cotton stays springy even when stored in a closet or rolled on bathroom shelves.

Pick Out New Patterns

Your selection of bath towel patterns sets a new mood in your master bath or a shared family bathroom. Make a quick change so you have something fresh to admire when you step in to bathe.

  • Look for fun patterns, like whales or other aquatic animals for a gentle thematic tie-in.
  • Try a climbing trellis or floral vine pattern to give towels a sense of largesse. The eye follows the lines to make already generous bath towels feel even bigger.
  • Medallions make a sophisticated statement in a bathroom full of solid colors or other luxurious patterns.
  • Classic stripes are a little bit preppy and offer a cheerful feel in the mornings to get you going.

Select New Bath Towel Sets

Once you decide to treat yourself to new decorative bath towels, you can add to your selections by shopping for bath towel sets. Choose hand towels or guest towels to round out your sets and enjoy the luxury of fresh new towels.