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Types of Bath Rugs & Mats

From keeping water from flowing across the floor to warming your feet and even adding aesthetic appeal, bath mats and bath rugs serve many purposes. Bath mats are smaller than bath rugs, and they go right next to the bathtub or shower. A bath rug, like a bath mat, collects water. Plush and colorful, it also enhances or changes the look of a bathroom. Despite the name, bath rugs sit nicely beneath a sink for extra comfort. Whether you choose to use a bath rug, math mat, or a combination of the two, you have many options of how to tie this floor piece into your bathroom.

At Pottery Barn, our bath towel collection helps you pick out matching colors, textures and materials for a uniform bathroom look. Bath towels, like bath mats and rugs, come in cotton, which is soft against the skin and helps absorb water quickly. Bath mats and rugs come in a rainbow of colors to meet your bathroom’s decor, such as classic white, blue and gray. Get matching colors for all your bath linens, or mix and match assorted colors for a visually interesting look. Textured and patterned bath rugs, which draw attention, pair nicely with single-color towels.

With a bath mat, decorative shower curtains create a striking visual image. Swap out shower curtains, like bath mats and rugs, throughout the year based on the season for a change of color. Soft and luxurious curtains, such as linen ruffle shower curtains, give the bathroom a sophisticated look as do striped linen shower curtains. Pair a patterned shower curtain with a bath mat of a neutral shade for a balanced look.

For a complete bathroom makeover, consider all of your bathroom accessories. This may include items like glass and woven canisters to hold cotton swabs, cotton balls, spa sponges and other bathroom items. Handwoven accessories made of rattan accompany textured bath mats and bath rugs, which come in many different colors and have thick loops for comfort and longevity. Textured bath rugs feature a reversible design so they last longer between washes. Glass accessories go well with patterned bath rugs as clear glass matches all colors.

In addition to canisters and containers, cosmetic bags facilitate storage and organization. For a special and personal look, monogram a cosmetic bag and bath towel. Cosmetic bags range in size from large bags designed to hold a collection of makeup, face care products and lotions. Smaller cosmetic bags like pouches carry fewer items. They are ideal for traveling or taking a day’s worth of beauty supplies when you leave for the day. Because cosmetic bags come in many colors, shapes and styles, look for a bag that matches your bath mat or bath rug for a tidy bathroom appearance.

Fragrant soaps and lotions, which come in calming and soothing scents like lavender, rose and aloe, give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Combine skin-softening soaps and lotions with a plush bath rug for ultimate comfort. Complete the spa-like experience with a candle and other custom bathroom accessories. For a glamorous, upscale spa-style bathroom, bath mats and rugs in rich, dark colors look especially noble and elegant.

Keep the same bath mat or bath rug throughout the year or switch up the decoration for the holiday season. Our holiday bath collection includes festive bath linens and accessories in classic holiday colors, like red and green. A set of plaid or checkered bath linens, paired with seasonal hand towels and warm slippers, gives your bathroom a classic winter look. When your bath linens look tired, wash them in cold water in the washing machine. Read the tag for product-specific instructions for drying, as heat exposure damages some items. With proper care, your bath rug, bath mat and bathroom accessories can last for quite awhile.