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Bathroom Sconces

Not only does proper lighting in your bathroom help you see what you are doing while getting ready in front of the mirror, it also sets a mood in this private domain ranging from bright and cheerful to calm and relaxing. The bathroom sconces at Pottery Barn not only give you the best light, but they also add to the overall decor of your lavatory or master bath. All of our sconces feature metallic bases in various finishes that give off bright white light that is shaded by milk or frosted glass for a soft and subtle touch for the room’s lighting.

Place your bathroom sconces above or beside the mirror over your sink console to examine yourself while applying makeup, shaving or brushing your teeth. Sconces also work well in different points in the bathroom to help complement the primary flushmount lighting. Choose a single sconce for placing anywhere in your bathroom, or a double or triple sconce to create symmetry above a mirror and the sink. When it comes to the metal base of the sconce, choose from a number of finishes that go with or complement your bathroom’s design.

When it comes to installing these lights, they are hardwired, so call in a professional electrician or handyman to put them into your wall, unless of course you are one yourself or have professional help with you. For convenience, your sconces will be wired to easily flip on with a switch. All sconces are UL- or Damp UL-listed, making sure they stay safe in your bathroom for years of use.

Many of our sconces are fashioned in a bell shape that drops light down below, while others have a tube shape that spreads more light throughout the room. The Mercer series of sconces features a curved base with a medallion shade. It is a very subtle addition to any bathroom design. The double-layered milk glass not only filters the light, but also helps reduce shattering if you accidentally knock into it and it drops to the ground. The single sconce version comes by itself or in a set of two for symmetry, while the double and triple sconces are offered individually.

For a distinctively crisp industrialized look, try the Sussex tube sconce. The single version of this light hangs vertically, while the double version hangs horizontally, providing light throughout the room. These sconces use frosted glass to help divert some of the light from the bulbs from hitting your eyes directly in the early hours of the morning. The spun-metal base gives a thick, sturdy support for the glass without becoming too hot from the light bulbs. For a bolder look, the Hayden sconces feature a similar design, but with frosted milk glass and iron with a metallic finish. These sconces also feature a moisture-resistant construction, standing up to all of the humidity your bathroom gives them.

We also offer sconces that give you the comfort of the living room while in the bathroom with a shade. For a vintage look, the Hayden shaded sconce uses industrial plumbing materials to create a modern feel in the room, while the Sussex model gives a more elegant and sophisticated charm to the bathroom. Single-shaded sconces can only be mounted vertically, so make sure you have enough space allotted for the placement.

Along with all of the contemporary designs we offer, you can also choose from our Classic line for a throwback in the bathroom. These sconces feature unique types of glass that we’ve brought back from days gone by to create a terrific look in your bathroom. The ribbed glass model ripples light throughout the room, while the vintage glass model sends fragments in every odd direction, creating unique shadows and highlights. Choose from a polished metal finish, or go with a more natural iron tone for a classic vintage look. These vintage sconces are great for showing off your designer lightbulbs in a unique setting.