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Beach Towels

Beach towels, unlike regular bath towels have special features that make your trip to the beach more convenient. Along with helping you to stake your claim to a small pieces of sandy real estate, you also expect your beach towels to do more for you. These include drying you completely after a dip in the water, wrapping around you fully when you want some semblance of privacy and shielding you from the sun when its rays become too intense for comfort. In general, you usually want more from a beach towel that you do from your regular bath towels.

These seemingly simple swaths of fabric are workhorses on the beach, which means that they have shorter life spans then the typical bath linens you use at home. Contributing to their short lifespan is that beach towels also have a lighter fabric than regular bath towels. Unless it is a reversible type, a beach towel usually has the fluff on one side sheared, which not only helps keeps the sand off the fabric but is likewise useful for printing designs. Although you should not expect beach towels to be as fluffy as regular bath linens or bath robes, they should be comfortable enough for hours of lounging on the beach. A good quality beach towel should also last at least one season before it shows any wear.

Apart from helping keeping the sand off the fabric, there are other important reasons why beach towels have a light weave construction. Lighter weaves and fewer loops also help the towel dry faster because no one wants to lie down on a wet towel. The lighter fabric also means that packing it in a tote bag before heading to the beach is easier and more convenient as it is flatter when you fold it up and takes up lesser space than a regular towel.

When it comes to the type of fabric material, beach towels are available in several types, such as microfiber and chamois. These two types bank on their ability to fold up to an unusually small size. As far as absorption and comfort on the sand, there is no substitute for a 100 percent cotton towel. Just like our other bath linens, Pottery Barn has a selection of high-quality beach towels in various weight, sizes and designs.

The beach towels come in different weights, which usually dictates the water-absorbing capacity of the towel. A towel with a heavier weight means that it absorbs more water, but the tradeoff is that the towel takes longer to dry. Nonreversible or velour beach towels are available in 400-gram weight. This type is also available in a variety of colorful print designs. The reversible type, on the other hand, has a 585-gram weight and is available in dual-color, striped-pattern design.

Other beach towels available include those with a jacquard pattern with a 585-gram weight and solid-colored beach towels. The solid beach towel also has a quick-dry feature and is available in sizes 25" by 50" and 30" by 60". We also have beach towels that come in a standard size of 32" by 64". Monogramming is available for all the beach towels as well. The monogram design is offered to you in a height between 3" to 5".

Although beach towels by design show signs of wear after a relatively shorter time than bath towels, giving them proper care should give them a few extra seasons more on the beach. Machine wash beach towels with warm water on a gentle cycle, and do not use bleach. Tumble dry on low heat or just air dry them to make them last longer.