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Cosmetic Bags & Totes

Cosmetic Bags and Totes

Convenience is so important when you have a busy lifestyle. Pottery Barn understands this and has put together a collection of cosmetic bags, jewelry cases and totes that help you stay organized while traveling or at home. Our smallest pouches hold a few items and fit neatly in your purse, luggage or a dresser drawer. Our larger totes are hefty enough to pack beach towels, your grooming supplies and a change of clothes. Fill these bags with your makeup, skin care items, hair care products and shaving supplies so you can easily find everything you need to look your best no matter where you are staying.

Cosmetic pouches feature soft sides that stretch out a bit if you need to overstuff them, and zippers secure the openings so none of your things can escape while you move the cases from one location to the next. Features like inner pockets and short fabric straps on the zipper pull make it easy to organize your grooming supplies and to get them back out when you need them. These padded fabric cases are easy to care for. If water gets on the case, blot it off, and for cleaning, wipe soiled areas with a damp white cloth or towel, and then let the bag air dry.

If you are traveling with your jewelry, putting it in a jewelry roll is a handy way to keep everything organized, plus it makes it easy to tuck your treasured accessories in a secure out-of-the-way spot. Our jewelry rolls and pouches are easy to care for and keep clean. Inner pockets give you plenty of room to store your necklaces without tangling and to keep pieces separate so nothing gets lost. These cases either tie or zip closed, depending on the style you prefer, to secure your jewelry inside.

If you like to take a wider selection of cosmetics and hair care supplies with you, our larger cosmetic bags and cubes provide the extra carrying space you need and are great for carrying almost anything you would normally place in countertop organizers. Tuck all your color items and lotions away from your hair clips and combs. Keep your jewelry and small accessories neatly tucked in an inner pocket. Our larger makeup bags give you room for almost anything you need to maintain your look. A combination of open and zippered inner pockets let you organize your things, and an outer zipper closure provides an extra layer of assurance that your things will stay where you put them until you reach your destination.

If you travel a lot, our collection of toiletry cases offer extra durability. These cases are made from materials like leather and heavy canvas to stand up to extreme conditions and to protect your grooming supplies in the event they get dropped or bumped around while you are traveling. Heavy zippers stand up to a bit of extra abuse in case you are rushing around, and some of these cases can be monogrammed for a personal touch to give as a gift to your favorite traveler.

Our tote bags are a great gift to give your friends, too, or to keep for yourself. Use them as overnight bags to take along for a day at the beach. Features like monogramming let you put your own special touch on the totes, and you can choose from zippered totes that can double as a purse or open-top models that make it so easy to pack and unpack your things. You can even use them as eco-friendly shopping totes in stores that allow you to bring your own bags.