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How to Install Shower Curtains

Choosing and installing shower curtains adds style and color to your bathroom. When you know how to look, it's easy to find the right look for your home.

Choosing Shower Curtain Styles

Shower curtains come in different styles, colors and patterns. That makes adding color with shower curtains a way to have fun changing the look of your bathroom. Choose complementary colors that match your bath linens for a subtle look. Alternatively, pick shades that add a sharp contrast to your wall colors for a bold look that stands out. Earth-tone curtains in sandy flax shades and neutral hues like white bring understated elegance to a room. Baskets and foliage add a fresh, pristine look to a bathroom when paired this way. Features like waffle weave fabric, layers of ruffles or a defined, embroidered border make shower curtains in these understated colors stand out as design elements. Nautical- and beach-themed patterns add delicate touches of color to the room. Shower curtains made from certified organic cotton and pure linen weaves add an elegant touch to your decor and are easy to keep clean too. Other ways to choose a shower curtain include matching the style to your bathroom light fixtures, wall hangings or accessories. For example, match a ruffled, striped shower curtain to a French country-style wall cabinet with baskets for drawers to give a bathroom a casual flair.

Shower Curtain Installation Tips

Start by choosing a shower rod that matches your bathroom tile or your other bathroom fixtures like towel bars and faucets. Check the dimensions of your shower curtain to find out how long it is. Add 4 inches to the length. This is to allow the curtain to drape without fabric pooling on the floor. The extra length is important because the rings used to hang a shower curtain add a couple inches to the curtain's length. Then, measure up from the floor. Use a pencil or a piece of chalk to mark the spot on each wall at the calculated height.

If you're installing a tension rod for your shower curtain, compress the rod enough to slide it into place. Then, release the tension so the springs inside the bar provide the needed pressure to hold the bar in place. If you're installing a shower curtain rod that requires mounting, measure the space from wall to wall. Take this measurement at the height calculated based on the curtain's length. Mark the location of each screw hole. Install wall anchors to provide extra support. Then, insert screws in the ends of the shower rod mounting hardware to hold it in place on the wall. Hang the curtain rings over the bar with the openings all facing the same direction. Then, slide the holes in the curtain liner and in the top of the shower curtain over the rings.

Maintaining Shower Curtains

Cleaning shower curtains helps keep your bathroom fresh. To clean the liner, wipe it clean with a damp cloth or sponge. To clean the shower curtain, remove it from the rings and run it through the laundry along with towels or washable window treatments. Use cool or warm water, according to the care tag directions. Use only nonchlorine bleach. Then, tumble the curtain dry on low heat and press with a warm iron, if needed.