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We spend such a large portion of our lives in bed; it only makes sense that we take the time to find bedding we love. Something that's pleasing to the eye and has a sense of our style and personality, while also feeling cozy and luxurious. It can feel overwhelming with all the options out there, here are some ideas to inspire your choices and help you decide on the right bedding set for your personal taste.


Know the size of your mattress. Before you make any other decision, having the right fit is imperative. Is your bed a twin, full, queen size or king size? As tempting as it is, don't try to "make it fit" if it's a size up or down. It will look sloppy if it's too large, or feel tight and uncomfortable if it's too small. There are always options in your mattress, so don't compromise here.

When choosing the right size, don't overstretch your mind because your sheets will not stretch. If you have a King bed, choose King size sheets. However, if you have a Queen or Full size bed, you can choose either one to fit. Trying to fit a King size sheet on a Queen size bed will infuriate you because you will spend more time adjusting your sheet, than sleeping.


Bedroom sheets should be the most comfortable bedding you own. Not limiting it to specific material, just choose a piece of fabric you love. From Egyptian cotton to a soft jersey fabric, find something that you enjoy and go with it. Make sure you don't have any allergic reactions to materials in the material, there are countless hypoallergenic options. Also, ensure your sheets are machine washable. You'll launder these the most, so it should be convenient.


Comforters are where you can play around with comfort and decor. First, decide if you'd like a standard comforter, quilt or duvet cover. This part is personal preference, and when you make that choice, you'll be able to narrow your focus.

Quilts are more decorative and keepsakes, usually with a variation of colors. You can then choose an accent color in your quilt and use it to accessorize the rest of your room.

Duvet covers are great if you appreciate options. Here, you can choose a comfortable fill, then have fun with different duvet covers. Duvets are also an excellent choice if you hate making your bed. It eliminates that extra step of having a top sheet.

And, of course, a standard comforter has the benefit of the accessories in the set. If you purchase a bed-in-a-bag, they come standard with the bedspread, pillow sham, and a bed skirt. If you get a larger bag, those come with decorative pillows, a pillowcase, and sheets.