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Are you standing in the bedding aisle scratching your head over what comforter to choose? The options can feel endless, and you want to make the right choice for your needs. Since a comforter sets the entire tone for your bedroom, you want to shop with confidence. Here are some ideas to help you graduate from a head scratcher to an excited consumer.

What's a Comforter?

A blanket, duvet, and comforter are different types of bedding. Blankets can be used outside of your bed and carried over to accessories for couches or chairs. Duvets are sheet covers that wrap around fill inserts of your choice (resembling a comforter), and a comforter usually comes in a bed-in-a-bag that ranges from a 4-piece, 5-piece, 7-piece, 8-piece, or 9-piece collection. Depending on how many pieces you chose, it may include an accessory pillow or two, standard shams, a bed skirt and various other pieces for your bedding sets. Take this into consideration when deciding on what you need. If you don't have a typical comforter, that's a great place to start.


Knowing your size is the first step. That will give you the confidence to purchase when all the other elements you're searching for have aligned. Do you have a twin, full, queen, king, or California king? A lot of people try to fit their beds one size up or down. Although you can do this, that is not the recommendation. You want something with a great fit, so it looks clean and neat taking the focus away from wrinkled, bunched up sheets, to your gorgeous comforter.


Comforters are the backbone of all decorating choices in your room. It's less flexible than a duvet, so whatever choice you go with, be confident you won't grow tired of it for at least a season. If you like to switch things up, try going more chic with a solid, neutral color and throw in a pillow piece with wild accessories. Or include texture and try a gray pinch pleated Ella design or chenille patterns for a neutral twist. Get creative with accessories, like fashionable bed skirts or a rug with a wild damask pattern to make things pop.

Rather, choose a bold comforter to liven up a dull room. Try an alternative statement with animal print, damask, or chevron. Want a more traditional option? Use a timeless piece to dress things up like paisley, Croscill, or sweet home.


When looking for a comforter, the key word is "comfort." Know what makes you comfortable so you can sleep like a baby. If you typically get hot at night, you'll want to find something with less bulk that's light and airy. For extra warmth, choose a comforter with a thick fill.