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How To Select Premium Down Pillows

Discover the pillow of your dreams when you shop premium down pillows, made to the finest specifications. If there were ever an investment pillow, this is it--and worth every wink of sleep you get on yours, too. Those who value their time during the day and know that it's dependent on their rest at night are happy to lay their heads own these wonderful pillows. With a high fill, a luxurious feel at first touch and an uncanny ability to stay cool while you slumber, these premium down pillows are for the discerning home stylist and anyone lucky enough to sleep in a bed they dress.

What Are Premium Down Pillows?

Premium down pillows are the luxury pillow options available at Pottery Barn. Down pillows are similar to other bed pillows, but they're filled with high-quality down.

  • Down refers to the under feathers of goose feathers used specifically as pillow fill. The down is the fill itself.
  • These under feathers are known for their soft, almost silky feel. They are sumptuous and delightful to touch.
  • Premium pillows offer a high number of under feathers, known as the fill power. Just like with thread count for sheets, higher fill power number means a more luxurious tactile experience.
  • Premium down pillows have a fill power of 650 to 700, one of the highest ratings available anywhere. This creates a soft, yet lofty pillow.

Getting The Best Sleep for You

Selecting your pillow is a highly personal matter for most people. Take the time to figure out which pillows are best for your rest.

  • Premium down pillows are a top-of-class offering for those who like a soft pillow with a high loft or feeling of airy support.
  • Classic down pillows are available in a wide range of support levels to match your posture preferences. Also made of real under feather, these pillows are a great choice for someone who wants excellent quality at a great value.
  • If you experience allergies or live a lifestyle free of animal products, down alternative pillows are engineered to feel as good as premium or classic down styles.

Picking Out Pillowcases

Once you've selected your favorite pillows, take a look at new bedding to continue sprucing up your bed or the bed in a guest room. Your bed linen selections are about design and comfort. Any pillowcases fit on premium down pillows. Don't worry about certain pillowcases alleviating the feel of your premium down. As long as you select cases from Pottery Barn, their quality is sure to complement your pillows.