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Duvet Inserts

Duvet inserts are the hidden gems of bedding. You rarely see them, but they add valuable comfort to your sleeping experience. Cozy and comfy is the name of the game, but at Pottery Barn, we know factors like construction and fill also determine the finished look of your duvet. Will it be neat and tidy or plush and fluffy? A king duvet insert tucked neatly into a duvet cover instantly adds a crisp, tailored look to the bed. To get the look you want and the comfort you need, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of various features so you can choose the duvet insert that’s best for your bed.

Fill 101

Just like pillows, duvet inserts come with a variety of fill options. These options really boil down to two main materials: down and down-alternative. A duvet insert filled with down contains fluffy clusters and bits of the fluff located under birds’ feathers. This light, fluffy material is naturally designed to keep birds warm even in icy cold temperatures. This quality makes it among the warmest fill options. Down-alternative fills include synthetic materials designed to mimic the feel of down. People with allergies or those looking to stay on budget often choose down alternative duvet inserts. But for those who choose to splurge, natural down typically offers superior warmth and breathability.

The fill material isn’t the only consideration. Perhaps even more important is the fill power. This measures the amount of fill in each cubic inch within the insert. The higher the fill power, the loftier the duvet insert feels and the warmer it keeps you.

Consider the Shell Materials

This is particularly important if you have allergy considerations, but it’s also a factor that can determine how easy the duvet insert’s care instructions will be. Cotton is durable and easy to care for, while silk and silk blends add a luxurious feel and a look that’s elegant enough to use without a duvet cover, but it may require special care. Also note the thread count of your king duvet insert. Ideally look for one with a thread count of at least 300 for maximum durability.

All About the Construction

Duvet inserts typically come with one of two types of construction: baffle box and box stitch. A duvet insert with baffle-box construction has square chambers sewn into the design. Those chambers have walls that keep the duvet’s fill from shifting around while you sleep, which helps keep the warmth distributed evenly. A king duvet insert with box-stitch construction is made by sewing two pieces of fabric around the outer edges before filling and quilting the duvet into squares. That construction technique also prevents the fill from shifting or flattening, which keeps your duvet looking perfectly fluffed.

Tog Ratings

Essentially, the higher the duvet’s tog rating, the more warmth the insert provides. You might consider switching out your warm, winter duvet insert with a tog rating of 13 for a cooler summer insert with a tog rating of four or nine. Also, keep the weight of the duvet insert in mind. Heavier materials tend to keep you warmer, while lighter duvet inserts work well for warm weather comfort.

Duvet Covers

Minimalists may be tempted to use duvet inserts without a cover, and that’s okay. Duvet inserts offer a sleek look that works well in many bedrooms. But duvet cover sets provide several benefits worth considering. First, they protect the insert from spills and dirt. They also give you a quick and easy way to add color to your bedding. Find a cover you like and match it to the insert’s size. For example, a king duvet insert fits perfectly inside a king duvet cover for a tailored, crisp look that’s easy to switch up according to your changing style.

Duvet inserts add a plush look and a warm feel to your bedding. Choose the size and style that works best for you to start enjoying sweet dreams.