Types of Temperature Regulating Duvets

Stay cool all year round with one of the temperature regulating duvets from Pottery Barn. These luxurious inserts resemble down duvets, but they don't contain any feathers or down material. Because of this, they're an excellent choice for people who are sensitive to down but want the same lofty look and feel.

Choosing Between Temperature Regulating Duvets

The selection at Pottery Barn contains several duvet inserts with temperature-regulating properties. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one to fit your mattress. Here are three of the options you may want to consider:

  • HydroCool™ Down-Alternative Duvet Insert: The fill inside this cotton insert is made from a high-performance moisture-wicking material. It helps reduce perspiration and keep you cool, even in the warmest summer months. This insert is hypoallergenic, so it's a good choice if you have sensitive skin. It has baffle box construction to keep the fill in place and it's machine washable.
  • HydroCool™ Ultra Plush Down-Alternative Duvet Insert: This duvet insert has all the same great features as the previously mentioned Hydrocool™ insert, only it's loftier and fluffier. It has the appearance of a high-end goose down quilt but is filled with high-tech HydroCool™ material for excellent temperature regulation.
  • SLEEPSMART 37.5® Down-Alternative Duvet Insert: Named for the most comfortable sleeping temperature, this insert helps keep your body at an optimum 37.5 degrees Celsius. This USA-made duvet insert has a 300-thread-count casing and contains a polyester-blend fill material that adjusts to your body's warmth level.

When shopping for these duvet inserts, you might also want to consider some down-alternative and pillows made by the same brands. The pillows have temperature-regulating properties just like these inserts, and they come in several sizes and styles. You might also want to consider a mattress topper made with the same materials.

Covers for Duvet Inserts

Keep your duvet insert in like-new condition with a protective cover. Duvet covers shield your insert against spills and protects it against wear and tear. They come in a wide range of colors and prints, so you can find a cover that coordinates with your bedroom decor. When it comes to materials, choose from cotton and organic cotton, or opt for Belgian flax linen. There are also velvet duvet covers for a sophisticated look.

Browse the selection of temperature regulating duvets at Pottery Barn to find the right insert for you. There's also everything else you need to decorate your bedroom, including headboards and bed frames, dressers, rugs and window treatments.