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Gray is the perfect neutral and a solid foundation for your bedding color. Because gray is the new black, you can build upon it with most any color scheme. The various shades of this color offer a wide range of statements and moods, so there's fun to be had experimenting with your duvet and sheet sets. Here's a guide to help you choose between the Fifty Shades of Gray available, and ways to accessorize it that you haven't yet considered.

1) Aside from the color of your duvet, blanket, or comforter, make sure you have the exact size. It's disappointing when you finally find the perfect colors and tones, then get home to discover you've bought the wrong size quilt. Know if your bed is a twin, full size, queen, king or California king. Although it may be tempting, resist the urge to fit something that's just a size off. It will look sloppy (or too tight) and you'll find yourself searching for a new one soon.

2) Bed-in-a-bag. Whether you choose a 3-piece or a 5-piece, these are a great place to start. The colors will all match, so if you're going for a consistent gray look, your search can end here.

3) What does your bedroom decor need? If you're trying to tone down artwork or decorations, choose to stay gray with your pillows, sheets, and bedskirt. If you want to add some life to a dull room, have fun accessorizing your bed with a colorful pillow. Reversible covers with a pop of color on the other side are an excellent choice when your decor changes with your mood.

4) Texture can add detail that helps you stay inside the box where color is concerned. Try a Matelasse duvet, a bed skirt with ruffles, or look at reversible blankets with detailed stitching to add a pop of personality to a solid slate piece. Platinum is a nice touch if you want another element in the gray family, or get bold and throw a faux fur blanket over your duvet to wake up the bedroom.

5) Don't sacrifice comfort with your bedding. Every duvet or comforter set comes in all sizes and degrees of luxury. From Egyptian cotton, a goose down filled duvet, to silky pillow cases, you can have it all so don't stop searching when you've found the right colors. Micro Flannel is a great choice in cold weather, while satin sheets can cool you down in the summer.

6) Make sure your bedding set or duvet is either machine washable, or ready to go to the cleaners. When matching various tones and solid colors, it's important that pieces don't fade. You don't want an inconsistent color unless it's intentional. Wash pillowcases and standard shams more frequently.