Feeling neutral? Neutral tones are great for your bedding foundation. Not only will these shades never go out of style, you can give new life to neutral bedding by using just a few adjustments with colors, textures, and trims. If you're feeling a bit plain Jane or would like a subtle change in style, not to worry, there are many ways to get creative and build upon what you have. Here are some quick tips to kick start your creativity and get you thinking inside and outside your bedding box.

1) Take an ivory or taupe duvet and throw a colorful pillow on top. If you're rocking solid sheets with your bedspread, grab a new set in a colorful design. It might feel busy, but when paired with a flat, beige bedspread, it's a healthy balance of sugar and spice. Try the same with your bed skirt, and always consider reversible bedding set for an instant change.

2) Various pillow sizes can spruce things up. In addition to throwing colorful blankets over your natural duvet, use pillows in unique shapes like a full circle, heart, or a euro pillow. Each piece can be a unique addition to your bedding. Experiment with colors to add a little life, or stay neutral and focus on adding dimension with different fabric choices. It's beautiful when things don't match but are unique to your style and vision.

3) If you're going for an overall natural look, mix things up with various textures, fabrics and thread sizes. Use a faux fur blanket or a bedskirt with lace trim. Have a satin comforter with cotton sheets or a cotton comforter with satin sheets. Use a sateen weave or percale weave. Have pillows with a detailed stitch or trim. Accents can pop when you're sticking to one color.

4) Quality goes a long way, and when you're sticking with something neutral, invest, invest, invest. You can have the same comforter for a long time if you care for it properly, it certainly won't go out of style. Look for things that are a high thread count and machine washable.

It's important to have fun with building your bed set with neutral colors. When decorating, there are no mistakes with neutrals unless you try too hard to make everything perfect. Look at your space overall. What can tie into your bedding choices? Curtains and rugs are a great way to balance out the room, do you want to stick to neutrals there? If so, how can you bring in a different texture to balance out what you have? All it takes is a subtle accent here and there to tie everything together. Play big and small.

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