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Quilts are not just for nanas and grandmothers, they are a timeless staple for any age group. While they never go out of style, there's been a new wave of quilt popularity in the last few years - all the more reason to dust off your old ones and invest in new pieces that reflect your current style. Not only do they make great household investments, you can't go wrong with this gift for any special occasion. With various sizes, colors, textures, and designs available, there's a perfect quilt out there for everyone. Let the handmade detail of a quilt add a unique pop of luxury to your bedspread.


Quilts are a gorgeous, unique way to dress up any size bed. Whether you're rocking a twin, full, queen, king or California King bed, a standard quilt is big enough to cover multiple people and provide warmth with enhanced style in tow. Whether you decide to go with an oversized quilt or a smaller quilt for one, the right size will keep the focus where it should be: on your quilt.


The majority of quilts have detailed embroidery and colorful fabrics on one side, with the reverse a solid colored, plush material. Take advantage of the difference and swap sides to match different sheets and moods. Even though it might not say the quilt is reversible doesn't mean it can't be.

With various designs, stitching, and fabrics, the sky is the limit for your quilt. You can go with a traditional design like paisley print, or find something more contemporary with a splash of faux fur. You can also slide over to a simple Matelasse coverlet that has a detailed vermicelli stitching.


The right quilt is a great investment, not only because it's timeless, but it also presents endless options for redecorating. Find a multi-colored quilt for your bedroom that will match any decor you chose for you room. One year, you can focus on the splash of red, while another season, you might feel like running with the yellow accents along the trim.

Quilts can also be an accessory themselves. Use the colors to liven up a boring old couch and find pillows to mix and match. A quilt in any room can be the source of inspiration for all decorations. You can also use the quilt as a throw and place it at the bottom of your bed for the option of extra warmth.

Finding a good quality quilt can be an investment for the whole family. They are also excellent gifts for those special life moments such as weddings, showers, birthdays, and holiday gifts. There's no limit on the occasion, and they are always a thoughtful option.