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Sheet Sets & Bedding Sheets

Having the right sheet set can really play a large role in how you feel about your bedroom. Soft, comfortable sheets give you a cozy place to lay your head at night and help to provide a restful night’s sleep, improving your comfort level and letting you wake up refreshed each morning. Sheets also impart a fresh feel to your bedroom decor, and they let you match the right styles, colors and materials with your personal taste to complement existing color combinations. Whether you have a twin-, queen- or king-sized bed, finding the sheets to complete your bedroom can be a fun yet simple task.

First, it’s a good idea to decide on a thread count and material. The higher the thread count, the more likely that the bedding will remain durable and able to stand up to repeated washings and tumbles in the dryer. A higher thread count also adds more softness that only gets smoother over time. However, you might prefer a lower thread count, with its crisp, firm appeal.

Another consideration is the type of material to choose for your sheet set. Organic cotton is an exceptional choice, as it adds a high element of softness and plushness without incorporating any pesticides or chemicals into the growing or production processes. Imagine the feel of a soft quilt underneath your skin. Simple cotton is an ideal choice as well, providing softness and cooling, crisp comfort for a good night’s sleep.

One thing to consider about selecting a sheet set is your possible desire to have it match the rest of your bedding. It’s fairly simple to color match to ensure that your bedroom is uniform, but there’s certainly no harm in having some fun with contrast either. Pottery Barn allows you to shop by color, so you’re able to mix and match all of your pieces to complement each other, no matter which hues they may be. If you want to style your bed, sheets and pillowcases with the color blue, select this option for your search and enjoy seeing our wide range of cobalt- or sky-colored bedding options in plenty of pleasing patterns. Navigate between colors to create a bold contrast with your bedding or find complementary shades. Blue and grey often work well together, as do beige and white.

After you’ve selected your sheet set and pillowcases, it’s time to think about warmth, especially in the colder months. Adding a quilt, duvet cover or sham is a great way to accent the look of your bedroom and keep warm when it’s chilly. Choose from a wide variety of different duvet covers and shams, keeping in mind that warm colors work well with brighter rooms with white walls, and duvet covers and shams with lighter colors have the ability to brighten up a darker room. Nautical themes are also fun to stick with, and you can also simply choose blue and white colors to create the same ambience on a subtler scale.

You also have the ability to add personalization and monograms to your sheets. This is an ideal way to truly make your sheets your own and make getting into bed each night feel a bit more special. Stick with your own initials, your and your spouse’s initials or another short word or phrase that’s meaningful to you.

For those who are very environmentally conscious, there are also many selections for sheets sets and bedding that are eco-friendly. Many of these items are constructed with soft, organic cotton that pairs well with our organic sheets, letting you experience luxurious softness every evening while you enjoy the knowledge that the sheets and bedding are great for the environment. Feel free to look through The Eco Shop to find a delightful assortment of “green” sheets. In addition to sheets, our Eco Shop also offers a wonderful assortment of other bedding accessories, such as pillowcases, duvet covers, shams, bed skirts and quilts. Complete eco-friendly bedding sets are also available, so it’s easy to match colors and styles no matter what look you love.