White Bedding Shop

There’s something about all white bedding that makes people want to sink into bed and enjoy the sumptuous feel of the sheets. This is why many high-end hotels feature white bedding. The look is crisp and refreshing, and it brings out the vibrancy of the other colors in the room. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary you look forward to coming home to by decorating with white bedding.

White bedding looks fabulous, but how do you keep it looking crisp and white? Here’s a great secret for successful maintenance. At the beginning of the bedding’s wash cycle, add a half cup of baking soda, and at the beginning of the rinse cycle, add a half cup of vinegar. When bedding starts to yellow, this is usually from oils on the skin, and this combination can help remove the oils. Baking soda and vinegar are preferable to bleach because bleach can interact with the oils and actually add to the yellowing.

White has a way of making a room look bigger. If you want to add to the illusion of a bigger room and increase the light in the space, how about adding a mirror to the room? A well-placed mirror reflects light from the window, both brightening the space and making it seem larger. White bedding allows other elements in your room to stand out. Consider folding a faux fur throw and placing it across the bottom of the bed. It’s sure to add to the bed’s sumptuousness and you’re sure to want to snuggle up to it regularly.

When selecting bedding that is the same striking white color, combining various textures adds visual interest. For example, adding a ruched duvet cover and pillow cases provides texture and creates a lived-in look. When selecting sheets and pillow covers, cotton fabrics are an excellent choice. They’re soft and breathable. However, there are several other fabrics that also make ideal sheets. For example, linen sheets are perfect for hot climates because they draw heat away from the body, keeping you just as cool as they look.

Thread count refers to the vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Generally a higher thread count results in a softer sheet. Higher thread count sheets also tend to wear well. However, thread count isn’t everything. There are some lower count sheets that feel wonderful against your skin. Weave is also a factor. Percale weaved fabrics feel thicker, softer and wear well over time, so consider this when making your selection.

If you want to take your all white room to the next level of opulence, candles strategically placed around the room offer a luminous glow that will make you want to stay awake just a little longer as it bounces off your white bedding. Now all that’s left to do is slip into your pajamas, light your candles and enjoy your sanctuary.