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White Bedding
White Bedding


White bedding can look and feel like cloud nine. Crisp covers offer that hotel luxury we can all get used to, and there's no need to look further for decorating ideas. Whether you want to keep your room light and heavenly, or add a splash of color, here's your one-stop shop for white bedding ideas.


Know what size bedding you need. If something is oversized, it looks and feels sloppy, taking away the neatness. White bedding is made in all sizes including, twin, full, queen, king and California king.

Stay Neutral

Want to keep a neutral room? There are plenty of ways to tone down a bright white duvet or quilt while remaining neutral. Consider cream colored sheets, or solid gray blankets to drape over your duvet or accent chair. If you're looking for variation, find different textures to give your whites variety. Many bedding sets come with pillows and shams to accent your bedding set. If that's not enough variation, find a piece with detailed stitching; a bedskirt with ruffles or scalloped edges; or a cream chenille cover.


A quilt is an excellent way to have your cake and eat it too. A pure white quilt is already full of contrast with different fabric choices and often a unique stitch. 3-piece quilt sets offer pillow shams and a bedskirt, with 5-piece quilt sets giving you additional options to build upon your vision. Quilts offer a lot of dimension and you can take one slight variation of a shade and run with it. If there's a cream, lace boarder, incorporate accessories that support that victorian theme. If your quilt is stark white and you'd like to add a little dimension, add cream accessories.


Ready to add some flair? A little goes a long way with white. In addition to using a variety of textures mentioned above, find ways to incorporate colors that tie into the rest of your room's theme. Purchase new sheets with a fun design that you can interchange, experiment with pillows to add a pop of color. Bedding bag collections are great fun as it includes, not only accessory pieces; but a pillowcase or two and a bed skirt. If you can't part with your percale sheets, but want more color, use a quilt to adjust the look.


Make sure your comforter, quilt or duvet sets are machine washable and don't mix colors with your whites. Bleach is an excellent idea for stark white bedspreads, but don't try to get a spot out by using bleach on your off-white bedspread. Make things easy on yourself with a wrinkle resistant option, a polyester blend or microfiber works great.