All Glassware

No matter the occasion, having the proper glassware when guests are over is a necessity. Whether you’re having friends over for a swanky cocktail party and need some martini glasses to make the evening a perfect one, or you want to make your outdoor barbecue incredible with some iced tea-filled Mason jars, cups and glasses for any party or occasion is important. Choose from a wide selection of all glassware from Pottery Barn to ensure that your next function goes off without a hitch.

When it comes to everyday glassware, one of the most important glasses to have in stock are a good set of tumblers. Use these for a kid-friendly party and serve iced tea and juice, or liven up an evening with the adults by serving up some vodka on the rocks with a twist. Look for old-fashioned glass tumblers with intricate designs that work well for a holiday table setting or opt for every day, clear glass tumblers for a classic, refined look. Consider a set of water goblets for your Thanksgiving feast or a set of indoor/outdoor tumblers that will live through your next barbecue if they actually tumble.

For relaxing after a long day of work or for entertaining an entire household, having the right wine glasses on hand is important as well. Choose from a myriad of different styles and types, but ensure that you have the main three in stock. You’ll need a set for white wine, a set for red wine and a set of champagne flutes or glasses to ring in the new year or to celebrate a special occasion. A set of wine stemware is also a terrific idea for personal use, so you have several types of the glasses you need at your disposal for everyday wine drinking. Many of the wine glasses and other glassware available has the ability to be personalized through our monogram shop. Not only does this add your personal style to your own stemware, but it also makes an excellent gift around the holidays or for special occasions.

A set of cocktail glasses and assorted barware is also an excellent idea for daily use or for your next party. With the ability to offer guests the perfect glass for their desired drink, your function is sure to be effortless. Martini glasses work well for not only martinis, but also for Manhattans. Look for shooter and shot glasses for game night or for during the big game while brandy snifters and goblets serve their own purposes as well. Breaking out a Tom Collins glass is also sure to be a hit during any party or get-together. Beer glasses are also must-have items for everyday relaxation or entertaining. Choose simple Pilsner glasses or opt for specialty glasses, such as Hefeweizen glasses, for a special touch. Those who really like their beer may appreciate a special NFL beer stein or a cafe goblet for special brews. Simple draft glasses also work well for everyday beer consumption.

Adding eclectic, niche items to your table easily makes for interesting conversation. Look for a skull-head decanter, which is sure to be a hit at your next Halloween gathering or a wooden and glass punch bowl with an included ladle for a vintage, rustic look. Add a set of four matching wooden and glass tumblers to polish off the set. Go eco-friendly and look for a dazzling cobalt blue barware set made from completely recycled glass, or consider a copper mug set for game night, or for permanent residence in your game or family room. Hand-blown glass decanters with matching glassware always add elegance to a room, and they suit a lot more than cocktails, being useful for nearly any occasion.