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All Serveware

Take the stress out of entertaining by ensuring that you have the correct serveware to use with your guests. All serveware is not the same, so pick and choose what works best for your family meals, special occasions and holiday get-togethers. From having serving platters so that your guests can serve themselves during a sit-down or buffet-style meal, to having cheese boards and knives to use as guests arrive, Pottery Barn has a wealth of different pieces of serveware to ensure that your occasion is spectacular from start to finish.

Opt for wooden serving platters for a classic and rustic look. Great for appetizers and hors dʼoeuvres, lay out everything from shrimp cocktail to pigs in a blanket to appease your guests before the big meal arrives. Mix and match round, rectangle and oval-shaped pieces to polish off the look at your serving table. A copper serving tray also works well, especially if you have wait staff serving guests as they arrive. Serving platters for the dining room table are also a must, so that guests are able to serve themselves as they pass the platter around the table. Look for solid, simple pieces that complement your already existing dining room decor. Light patterns, white and off-white colors work well with nearly any color palette.

Depending on the size of your portions on the table, ceramic tidbit plates are also an excellent idea to add contemporary decorative flavor while allowing guests to easily pass the food. When it comes to special holiday occasions, opt for seasonal decor to really enliven your table. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, for example, opt for a playful serving platter full of dancing skeletons for your next party. For the Thanksgiving holiday, consider platters with Thanksgiving and autumnal motifs. A carving platter is also a must-have item for carving the bird. Consider a wooden platter with steel sides in the shape of a turkey for an entertaining touch. Serving bowls are also a necessity at the table, so look for ones that match your existing serveware, or complete a collection by mixing and matching with the different styles and types available.

Having a cheese board and knives is a great way to welcome guests and provide them with an appetizer before the main meal. Opt for either marble or wooden cheese boards, depending on your tastes and existing color palette. Match a marble cheese board with a set of four cheese knives and tools for an elegant, interesting twist. Black granite is yet another option when it comes to cheese boards and tools. For serving desserts, it’s a great idea to have tiered platters and cake stands on hand. A cake stand looks lovely on the table or countertop, but also keeps your cake fresh well after dinner has commenced. Tiered stands are ideal for placing small desserts, such as cupcakes, cookies and brownies, and add a simple touch of elegance to your tabletop.

Further enchant your guests when it comes to cocktails with a speakeasy tray or lazy Susan, perfect for holding a decanter, several tumblers and some bar tools. In addition to a decanter for cocktails, a simple pitcher also works well on the table to serve water, iced tea, lemonade and other beverages. Match pitchers with existing serveware to complete the look. Always remember the other accessories that are much needed on your table, such as coffee mugs for after-dinner relaxation, and salt and pepper shakers for guests to season their food. Holiday-themed salt and pepper shakers always add a special touch during the fall and winter holidays, such as shakers with a gourd or pumpkin shape.