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Cocktail and Beer Glasses

When setting up your home bar, you want the right beer, shot and cocktail glasses to match your spirits. Whether you like the chase, you simply enjoy beer and shots or you love an old-fashioned cocktail, there are various glasses within each category that can complement your style and preferences. Let us at Pottery Barn guide you in choosing the ideal beer, shot and cocktail glasses for your at-home bar, whether you set it up indoors or outdoors.

Beer Glasses

Beer glasses are designed to enhance the predominant flavors of each type of beer. Glasses include steins, mugs, pilsners, tulips and wheats, each with specialized characteristics to complement the beer it holds. Steins and mugs hold the most beer and have thick glass walls that insulate the brew to keep it cold. Mugs keep warm drinks away from your hands. Slender pilsner glasses keep the bubbles in the beer, while tulips trap and maintain the foam heads and aromatics of malt brews. Choose a specially designed wheat beer glass for enjoying your favorite ales and hefeweizen. If you want a beer glass collection to call your very own, you can customize a set with a monogram and an insignia representing your name or from your favorite NFL team.

Shot Glasses

Sometimes a shot is just what the doctor ordered. A set of real shot glasses means you’ve arrived as an adult with a complete at-home bar. Shots glasses hold about an ounce or a little more of alcohol. Basic shot glasses are thick on the bottom and sides for a comfortable feel.

Cocktail Glasses

From a highball to a martini, cocktails have made a comeback thanks to the nostalgia of the tradition, honored with an array of finely crafted glassware that’s hand-cut and etched. You can also find indestructible Schott Zwiesel crystal and acrylic glasses created especially for durability during outdoor use. Many cocktail glass sets have coordinating drinking glasses and tumblers for a classic, coordinated bar. Tumblers also get a lot of use for their flexibility. For your outdoor bar, there’s coordinating acrylic tumblers and water glasses, plus copper Moscow Mule mugs, which are great for keeping drinks cold on hot summer days.

Wine Glasses

There’s always a wine drinker in the group, whether that’s you, your spouse or a friend. Stemmed or stemless wine glasses are must-haves for your bar. Be sure to grab sets designed for red wines, white wines and champagne if you’re just starting to build your collection. They’re also essential for patio, deck and pool parties and cocktail hours, especially because you can get them in unbreakable crystal that looks just as elegant indoors as outdoors.

Of course, you don't need to have the typical glass for every single drink or occasion. It helps to know how to build your glassware collection as you grow your bar, however. Use these helpful tips to start building your collection or creating a new one.