Cocktail & Beer Glasses

Whether you’re focused on entertaining for the holidays or you simply want to stock up your bar glassware for entertaining during the year ahead, having the right glassware on hand is priceless. You never know exactly what type of cocktail that a guest may ask for, and whether you’re hosting just a few friends or a huge get-together, having the right glassware to impress is a smart idea. Have some fun with all of the many cocktail and beer glassware ideas available from Pottery Barn. With everything from brightly colored martini glasses to bar glassware that easily works for an outdoor party, we’ve got you covered for your holiday celebration or your outdoor barbecue.

No matter what the celebration is for, it’s always a good idea to have a bevy of martini glasses on hand for the occasion. Not just any martini glass will do, however – look for eclectic pieces that you enjoy drinking from, and your guests are bound to as well. A clear crystal martini glass featuring a stag is quite the conversation piece, or you can opt for martini glasses with a plainer design, but more brightly colored, such as red. You can also opt for a simple, classic style of martini glass that comes complete as a set of six. This way, you’ll never be out of glassware when you have multiple guests ordering the same drink.

If bartending is not your forte and you’re hosting a beer and wine only shindig, opt for some beer glasses that are sure to be a hit. A copper mule mug is the perfect choice for sitting by the fire drinking your favorite brew. This mug also comes with the personalization option, which makes it a perfect fit in your barware ensemble, or the perfect gift for that special someone during the holidays. Also consider a beer boot glass, which looks like it came straight from Oktoberfest, or pilsner glasses that add elegance and style to your table. Old-fashioned glasses (suited for old-fashioned cocktails) and regular tumblers also work well for any kind of get-together. Not just for cocktails and beer, these glasses can serve soft drinks and water with elegance to those guests who aren’t imbibing. Lastly, arm yourself with a bright set of acrylic drinkware that is made for both indoor and outdoor use. Sip margaritas in tumblers, or have a great spiked lemonade to beat the heat in the summer and to relax around the pool.