The Cocktail Glasses That Complete Your Bar

Prepare to wow your guests with exactly the right cocktail glasses for every occasion. Whether you're serving up fun, fruity drinks at a poolside party or pouring on-trend beer cocktails with burgers, having the right bar glasses ensures that service goes smoothly and a fantastic time is had by all. Round out your current glassware collection with unique, finely-made glasses from Pottery Barn.

Specialty Glasses for Your Favorite Cocktails

The best place to start building out your barware collection is with the bar glasses that suit your favorite cocktails.

  • If you like whiskey drinks, choose rocks glasses. These glasses are low and have a mouth as wide as the base. You can put ice in the bottom of these glasses easily and stir or add garnishes to the lip.
  • Some whiskey glasses are snifters. They may have a curved dip around the circumference right above the widest part of the bowl and some have a flared lip. Snifters are usually used for drinking spirits neat. You can drink brandy from a snifter, too.
  • For vodka drinks, try tall, slender cocktail glasses. These are sometimes called a Collins glass, even though a Collins is a specific cocktail. You can pour spritzers into a Collins glass, too.

To have a fully stocked bar, know the difference between a margarita, martini and cocktail glass.

  • While any glass in which you serve a cocktail counts nowadays, the traditional cocktail glass looks like a shallow margarita glass or a rounded martini glass.
  • Margarita glasses are for the famed tequila cocktail. Get them so that you have the right rim to dip in salt and a stem to hold the drink.
  • Martini glasses are triangular and have a stem. They're meant for martinis only, but no one usually minds if you hand them a Cosmopolitan.
  • Don't forget to add Champagne flutes to your collection. Serve the bubbly stuff straight or make Champagne cocktails.

Classic and Specialty Beer Glasses

Stock up on beer glasses while you're shopping for the bar, too. A set of steins or tall, wide-mouth glasses always gets used. Now, you can show off what you love with beer glasses adorned with sports logos or your favorite licensed characters. Give these glasses the top-shelf spot to get the conversation started when you have company.

Set up a keg or other drink dispenser and let the good times flow.