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Serving Trays & Stands

After you put your heart and soul into making a dessert, make sure that you have the proper serving tray or stand to display it on. Pottery Barn offers just about every type of serving tray and stand you need, from multitiered and ornate display pieces for weddings to simpler stands for keeping a pie out on the kitchen counter.

Not only are trays good for displaying and serving your pastry creations, but they also work great for delivering food to guests at a dinner party to create a fine-dining atmosphere. Use trays to display an assortment of cheeses next to your fine bottles of vino and wine glasses or create a classic cocktail atmosphere with a fine bottle of bourbon and cocktail glasses. There is no wrong way to use a serving tray.

Display your tiered wedding cupcakes or an assortment of pastries or appetizers on a Plaza entertaining stand. These fixtures feature glass shelves supported by gold- or silver-plated beams made of mango wood to fit your event’s decor. The bottom is made of a base of marble that delivers both an elegant look and support for heavier desserts or appetizers. In addition to the Plaza entertaining stands, make sure your guests have easy access to sauces with the accompanying triple condiment bowl. These three glass bowls allow you to serve several different condiments so your guests get to experience every possible flavor, such as melted chocolate, butterscotch and fresh cream.

For a slightly more subtle look during a more casual event, we offer several serving trays and stands made of galvanized metal. The iron material with a galvanized finish gives you a rustic look reminiscent of nautical decor, making the fixtures perfect for patio parties by the pool. Use one of these trays to carry your outdoor drinkware full of margaritas or craft beer out to thirsty guests in the summer sun. Choose a matching tray with small metal buckets that gives you a coordinating option for dispensing silverware.

If you crave the good vibes that fine wine and whiskey bring to a party, you need a lazy Susan serving tray. These fixtures allow you to pour a glass, then spin the top around to easily serve your guests. Find a lazy Susan that mimics an oak barrel to complement the aged wine and whiskey you serve. If cocktails are more your style, a speakeasy tray made of cast aluminum transports you right to the Roaring 20s. You can even have these items monogrammed for the mixologist amongst your friends. Of course, if you prefer a Moscow Mule, we also have pure copper trays that go with the iconic mugs you serve the drinks out of.

Sometimes you just want to display your baking skills to friends who come over for coffee. Make sure your cake takes prominence with a plain white cake stand to act as the centerpiece of the kitchen counter or the dining room table. These cake stands coordinate with several coffee and tea mugs we offer from the Cambria, Emma and Gabriella collections.

Serve up a loaf of warm bread wrapped around a cloth napkin in a bread tray made of woven rattan material. Find a red and white checkered cloth, and then transport yourself to your favorite Italian restaurant in the comfort of your own home. We also offer serving trays and bowls made of wood that add a touch of warmth to any kitchen table.

The holiday season is synonymous with decadent desserts. Make sure you leave cookies out for Santa on a tray he can appreciate. The two-tiered reindeer stand lets Santa know that the cookies are all his, and it also brings a healthy dose of Christmas cheer to your home.