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Wine Accessories and Storage

Nothing makes a good get-together great like having the right bottle of wine. However, bringing wine to a party is a lot more than simply having a good vintage. When you’re entertaining, much of wine service is about the presentation, just as if you were dining in a high-end restaurant. From the correct way to store wine to having the right set of wine glasses, Pottery Barn offers you a myriad of choices to help make your next event even better with the right wine accessories and storage possibilities.

When it comes to serving table wine, such as with a terrific family pasta dinner or at Thanksgiving time, make the wine even sweeter with a contemporary and beautiful glass decanter. A decanter from the Donovan collection, for example, has a lovely glove shape and is functional yet decorative on your dining room table. Made of completely mouth-blown glass, this decanter is sure to be a hit for any holiday party or simply for an event any night of the week.

When you plan to serve a little bit more than a decanter filled with table wine, a wine trough or a party bucket is an excellent idea. A wine trough with a blonde wood construction offers a rustic, vintage look, and stores a handful of wine bottles so that your guests are able to serve themselves. While the outside is wooden, feel free to add plenty of ice to this wine trough, with a galvanized-iron bin on the inside. The ability to have this trough monogrammed and personalized makes it a welcome addition to your party ensemble, or a terrific gift for a family member for a holiday or special occasion. Similarly, a Harrison party bucket offers you the ability to store several bottles of chilled wine, complete with ice. Made of steel, brass and aluminum, this durable bucket is built to last for many years of entertaining and use. Not just for wine, if you’re having a kid-friendly party or simply a non-alcoholic one, feel free to fill this up with juice boxes or sodas, as it has many uses. Similarly, an antique silver party bucket allows you the same room, but gives a vintage, antiquated vibe to your occasion. Other choices include a Rhodes party bucket and wine cooler. This matching set also gives you the opportunity to personalize it with a monogram for yourself or someone else.

If you simply have one bottle of wine to keep chilled at table, opt for a simple, one-bottle cooler such as the antique silver sentiment wine bottle cooler. Made of stainless steel, this cooler has double-walled insulation to keep a bottle of wine or champagne chilled for an entire evening. Inscribed with the word “chilled,” this cooler brings a sense of elegance and charm to your get-together. A Harrison ice bucket with included tongs offers you more options when it comes to chilling a singular wine bottle.

When it comes to opening wine at the table, make it effortless with a standing wine openers. Leave the wine key in the drawer, and allow this gadget to handle the tough work. Your guests will be amazed at the ease with which you use this opener. Other wine and bar accessories that work well on the table include coasters for wine glasses and bottle coasters to keep condensation from marring your favorite tablecloth.

When it comes to wine storage, choose from several different options to store your favorite wine. A tabletop wine rack allows guests to choose their own favorite vintage right on the table while a founder’s wine rack is a pleasant addition to your dining room or storage area. To bright and liven up your wall decor, consider a wall wine rack, which maximizes space while keeping all of your favorite bottles on display.