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Store Your Varietals with a Stylish Wine Rack

Ensure your favorite wines are displayed in a safe, stylish way with a new wine rack from Pottery Barn. There are several different styles from which to choose, along with other wine storage options and wine accessories.

Elegant Options for Wine Storage

A good bottle of wine is pleasing to the palate and the eye. With a wine rack, you can show off your best vintages and keep them easily accessible. Take a look at these additional wine storage ideas:

  • A wall rack is great for small kitchens or dining rooms because it utilizes vertical space. Pottery Barn has sturdy forged metal wall racks that hold as many as 12 standard-size wine bottles.
  • Caddy-style racks look sophisticated sitting on the counter or bar. They're also easy to carry, so you can take your wines from the kitchen to the entertaining area without the hassle of toting the bottles separately.
  • Wine troughs are good for keeping bottles chilled and are especially useful for champagne. You can also use a wine trough for chilling and storing other beverages, such as beer, soda and bottled water.
  • Party buckets and tubs are similar to a wine trough. They can hold several bottles of wine and are a functional, stylish choice for entertaining. Most have handles for easy carrying.
  • When you want to chill a single bottle of wine or champagne, a metal ice bucket with handles is a good choice. Pottery Barn has an array of ice buckets in various styles and colors to suit your needs. Many of them have double-wall insulation to prevent ice from melting, so your bottle stays cold until you're done with it.

A Wine Rack Makes a Great Gift

Shopping for the wine lover in your life is easy with the selection of racks and wine accessories at Pottery Barn. In addition to storage racks and caddies, you'll also find decanters and decorative wine toppers. There are also wine bags for when you want to gift that special someone with their favorite vintage. For a stylish presentation, wrap your present with decorative paper and add a coordinating bow, or tuck it into a gift bag.

Discover the wine rack selection at Pottery Barn today. If you need a larger wine storage solution, you might also want to check out the bar buffets. There's also an array of wine glasses designed to bring out the subtle flavors and aromas of red and white wines.